Legislative Suicide

In Ukraine, there is a war of attrition happening. It’s a forgone conclusion who benefits from that.

So too, we have one passing through or legislative bodies. The flame of war on women’s bodies and the war on LGBTQ has licked at the Veteran’s Administration, and the 320 billion dollar budget will stall if the president vetoes the appropriation.

The bill flew out of the House. What I wasn’t expecting was the chicken hearts of the Democratic Senate. The bill sailed through today, 86-11.

So the question can be asked: Now that the legislation is passed, what will Joe Biden do?

Perhaps a better question is: what would you do if you were Joe Biden?

I’m guessing that Biden passes it. He probably saw how it divided Senate Democrats and will not rock the boat even if some liberals get pissed. Most of us will forget anyway.

Personally, I’d still be looking at the vitals on my reelection campaign and make sure it’s bringing Trump’s daughters to the the slaughter. Joe’s enjoying high-flying numbers right now, up on the hapless ex-president by 9 if the election were held tonight.

A protracted fight replete with hostage taking and finger pointing would be the only other option. I can’t see anything good coming out of it. Those motherless fucksticks in the McCarthy House won, and that’s that. We have to deal with the bullshit they give us once and a while. I really, really do not like the way sex and gender has to creep up on these repressed people in such a way that it will ruin us all in some hellish dictatorship where we can’t fuck who we want and will have to be quieter about what we say. A dictator here is possible, but the whole government has got to be in on the act. Thinking about the sounds and colors of a red state celebration makes me a little ill.

2024 is coming. I’ve rubbed on my crystal ball and I believe when the next generation goes to the polls, they will stop the villains we have enabled, who, when they are refused will hopefully be even sorrier in real life than they are already.

Come on Zoomers. The warranty on my crystal ball has expired. I can’t come out of pocket for repairs right now. Have the courage we abandoned today.

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