Fossil Fuels

If you’ve been an avid watcher of MSNBC like me, you have seen them go through several talent drains. Phil Griffin took several hammers to their programming, first trying to fire Keith Olbermann and then they scattered to the wind their successful (as successful daytime newstalk can be at least) young eager beavers like Alex Wagner.

But they gingerly tiptoed around letting Andrea Mitchell, wife to Randroid Alan Greenspan, go. You see, Andrea has been in the game for a few astronomical units, and she should turn in her dance card. Because most watchers want her to go and frequently comment on her inability to speak at times, often citing her attacks on John Fetterman for not being able to do the same after a fucking stroke. It’s painful, outrageous, and it’s not in the interest of Andrea nor the network to continue giving her a studio. She may have been a go-getter in the past, I really could not say. But I can’t imagine she’s posting numbers-she’s what you leave on when you are vacuuming or filling the dishwasher.

She’s also quite the ageist (a term I am doing my best to keep from using), saying Biden is too old to be president. Yeah, Andrea, I’d refrain. You are, by all lights at 76, unable to do your job.

Her latest goof was her upbraiding a colleague for using the term “pro-life”, which is considered something of a misnomer in women’s healthcare debates, where the preferred selection of phrase is the more descriptive and accurate “anti-choice”. Now perhaps I would ahem that person as well, but the problem was that her colleague used the term because the speaker whom he was reporting on used it, so there was nothing wrong with it. She interrupted and gave the young reporter a quick feminist primer on how we don’t use that word any more. Kid explained without apologizing (none needed)…and Mitchell and the kid looked at the monitor in silence for a few seconds, then Mitchell abruptly changed the topic. Fox and other winger pages had a good laugh. You can watch it there.

This legacy hire should go for the good of her network. Judgement is paramount in her line of work. Exercising it poorly makes terrible talk TV.

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