A Big Bite

I don’t like covering Trump much because he’s the a subject line for a lot of other journalism, but for posterity, we here want to mark the day that Trump is officially being popped for all the dirt he did in Georgia to flip the election. And it’s not just for his “perfect” phone call.

This is for fake electors.

Tampering with witnesses.

False statements.



Forty one counts in all, roping in Mark Meadows, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jeffrey Clark into the case.

This is some serious shit that could put these folks in the pokey before Jack Smith has even finished his work. Trump et al. could go to his Florida, DC, and New York cases in Georgia jumpsuits. They cannot be pardoned if convicted.

DA Fani Willis has given Trump ten days to turn himself in for arraignment.

Of course, the cult will go on supporting Trump and maybe we’ll be treated to the phenomena of a presidential candidate running from prison. Eugene Debs didn’t have Twitter. Even Alexi Navalny, Putin’s bete noire, can tweet from the gulag. Team Biden must be walking on air with this news. Lindsey Graham, who is damn lucky he didn’t get snagged in this indictment, is just shocked, in full Miss Lindsey swoon about the charges, suggesting that a county DA (Fulton being the seat of government in Georgia) should not be able to indict former presidents:

Well, Lindsey, if they crimed in Georgia’s backyard, I don’t understand what trouble you are having with this. Presidents and former presidents do not enjoy any sort of immunity from misbehavior. This genuflecting to the head of state is nothing short of bizarre, especially coming from the party of limited government. The meddling in Coffee County will be rolled into this indictment.

You can read the indictment here. As I understand it, RICO is being applied here, which I have always suspected it would be.

All I can say about this is be there, will be wild!

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