Fighty Shouty Republicans

In America, we like to pride ourselves as being a democracy to be duplicated; as such, it typically behaves with civility.

Four years of Trump truly helped bring this country’s discourse into the gutter with his grade school twittering to degrade and denounce anyone who stood astride of him.

Now anything goes, quite literally. Even without former guy we now have explosions of temper coming from Congress-once today by Kevin McCarthy, and once by “Guy With The Dumbest Name In All Of Senatorial History” Markwayne Mullin.

That’s right, Bernie Sanders had to break these people up. Sad!

Burchett was one of the people who helped remove McCarthy, so I’m not suprised the former speaker would do this.

Thank goodness Speaker Johnson let these poor fuckers go home after funding the government with a CR. Everyone needs nap time. So do we. We are truly tired of them.


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