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While We Are On The Subject Of Killing Words

I bring you part two of “stop killing words”:

Political operative David Lane, who has worked to get Religious Right leaders to rally around a single Republican presidential candidate (Ted Cruz is their man), and who is trying to influence the outcome of the 2016 election by getting 1,000 conservative evangelical pastors to run for office, is fixated on the idea that the United States of America has a national mission to advance the Christian faith. In his latest diatribe at Charisma magazine, Lane writes:

It looks as if America has come to her kairos, her moment in time—to be faithful to Jesus or to pagan secularism.

Which word do you think I mean? Is it kairos?

Try again.

It’s the mess of tying “pagan” to “secularism”.

I don’t need to explain how stupid that is to my tiny but intelligent readership. But for the sake of being clear, let’s review:

Pagan:a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.

Secularism: the principle of the separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries.

What is David Lane trying to say? Because there ain’t no pagans threatening the supremacy of Christianity. I’ve met a few, and their number is small and they’re like the least threat to democracy there is. So is he trying to make this about atheism and humanism? I’d say yes. But Mr. Lane, like many Christians, trips over his dick trying to paint us as religious, because we have to believe in something.

How many times does it need to be said? There is no god. Period. That’s about as far as you can get from religion. And you can kindly fuck yourself for attempting to break the separation wall that the founders were concerned about. There are no ifs, ands or buts about this being, my friend, a secular nation. Keep your Jesus shit out of my government, and I’ll try to hold back the hordes of pagans that your little minds have conceived from destroying your Christian paradise.






Leave This Word Alone

Talking politics has its own lexicon. This can be a mixed blessing-more of a curse, to be sure. The word I’d like to take back from this type of conversation is long overdue, but let’s be very clear:


Dictionary, please?

agenda: a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done.

When I wake up in the morning, I have an agenda. I probably have several agendas occurring at once during my workday. Then I have an agenda at home which entails me doing laundry, feeding the dog, sitting down to break bread with the family, and resetting the house after it has been played in by two kids.

Every fucking organization in existence would not exist if there was no fucking agenda to guide them. In politics, it conjures up ideas of conspiracy, something obfuscated on purpose. Sure, there are those agendas too, but don’t be fucking fooled into thinking that one side has one and the other doesn’t.

It’s natural to have an agenda. And it makes me laugh cry when I hear this word being used to cudgel in our political discourse. Accusing someone of having an “agenda” is like pointing out that the earth revolves around the sun. It’s fairly fucking obvious and settled that this is true. And, when this word gets thrown around, it’s usually a painful case of projection as the person/group using the pejorative is pursuing its own agenda as well. I think the word gets used because it sounds secretive, perhaps invoking words like “propaganda”, of which only one side could be capable of producing.

My ass.

Please stop killing words for the sake of dissembling. I’m not asking. I’m begging.



My Soulless Governor

I’m under no illusion about where I live. I’m in the Bible Belt, and that seems to mean more than being surrounded by Book-waving Christians. But this group intersects with another group popular here; the persecuted white male. If I had to provide you with a Venn diagram, you would find that the shaded area is rather large. The circles might as well be concentric, so close are they.

Mr. Persecuted White Male doesn’t believe in basic women’s rights. He thinks he should have the right to own an arsenal because the 2nd amendment is the only amendment he can quote. He think that his god is being disappeared from polite society. He’s a reconstituted bigot. He hates taxes and support for the poor, regardless of how poor he is.

I have met many respectable souls in my time down here in the land of the neverending heat. But Republicans run this place; and this is how I know there’s a lot of Mr. Persecuted White Males running around, open carrying with their Duck Dynasty overalls on.

Mr. Persecuted White Male is afraid. That’s the bottom line. And his party and god make him this way.

What’s the most common fear in America these days? Actually, it is a fear that we all have, globally. If the headlines are correct, that fear is of terrorism. I personally fear Mr. Persecuted White Male more, because he is far more likely to act upon his psychotic fears near me than a terrorist. But I could go on about that at length in another post.


Ina sloppy segue, let’s move our focus to the Middle East. We all know that Syria is no longer an independent state. It is saturated with rebels against the government and this cancer called ISIS.

I can shoot and point a gun, but I would not be a fighter if I were a Syrian. I’d be a refugee. My family comes first and getting the hell away from the bombs and the murdering would suit me just fine.

It’s heartbreaking and we should all step up to help these refugees as much as we can. But that doesn’t sit well with the right wing; politicians are hell bent on a no-more-Muslim policy-in fact, one of them has called for a registry for those living here.

But now let’s move back to my homestate-where my dickless fuck of a governor is withholding sustenance from Syrian refugees:

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) signed an Executive Order in November instructing all state agencies to halt any and all activity regarding Syrian refugees.

Ravae Graham, a spokeswoman for the state’s Department of Human Services, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the department will follow the Nov. 18 memo with a newly arrived family. “We are just going to follow that process as outlined,” she said.

A family of three from the Syrian crisis been relocated to the Atlanta area, where state officials are making life very diificult.

That’s right; this executive order nullifies a refugee’s right to receive food assistance. Fuck you, thanks for coming, now go eat garbage.

There’s a silver lining to this-I don’t know who he was trying to impress, but this is illegal:

The federal government has told Deal that he must roll back his executive order in order to comply with federal law. Jessica Shanin, associate administrator at the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,wrote a letter to the state in November warning that denying food stamps to Syrian refugees would violate federal law, noting that states cannot discriminate based on national origin or religion.

Is Deal up for election again? I’d like to know. Unless he’s angling for a Cabinet spot in the fantasy that is a Republican presidency,I don’t see why he has to be an unrepentant prick about this. If it’s the former, this is a great way to get Mr. Persecuted White Male to get on board. If the latter, he has to be as radical as the fascists who seek the big chair in order to get noticed.

Shit on Nathan Deal for grandstanding when real people are literally dying to get into this country because their old one barely exists anymore.





I’m Not Dead Or Anything

I’m dead tired, though.

I have a full-time job that sucks all the life out of me and I have a family I should spend time with when it is over. These are not conducive conditions to being a blogger.

At least one or two of you have noticed my absence. By and large I do this for myself. But those of you who come here and like my third-rate commentary: thank you for that. I will try to soldier on and find windows of time where I can lose my damn mind over some religious bullshit or have a laugh at conservatives’ expense.

I may be back in the next few hours, in fact. Depends on how boring it gets at my job. Good people, I will get my mojo risin’ in due time.


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