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Shit Is Getting Crucial

Looking at my bookmarks, I see that I’ve been avoiding this post for about 3 months. But Charlottesville, Virginia failed to stop a white riot on Saturday that wound up killing a counterprotestor, so it’s the perfect time to list some of the signs and signals that would tell anyone who wanted to know that the white right wing in this country was angling for a fight.

Our fake Republican president should shoulder much of the blame, ending the notion that the buck stops at the president’s desk. He encouraged violence repeatedly early on in his campaign in 2016. After he won, he mainstreamed the hatriot movement by giving high level executive branch jobs to their promoters and supporters.

And then it took him three days to condemn the white supremacists who started the Virginia riot.

It was Trump’s Hurricane Katrina. He completely and categorically failed the first major test of his leadership skills. By farming out the job of condemning the antagonists to underlings, he confirmed that he is only interested in being the president of 1/3 of the nation.

There’s really no going back after Charlottesville. Battle lines just got fucking drawn when the white right wing mob decided to kill. They’ve been telling us repeatedly that they were getting ready for a confrontation, but no one listened because they were white and it’s OK to suggest that it’s time for things like civil war because free speech.

A small and by no means exhaustive list of evidence that shows that Heather Heyer’s death was premeditated follows (it jumps around a bit because consistency is not my strong suit.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I began collecting incidents I thought notable because there was a pattern of behavior that made me rather worried that the nation was going to be plunged into violence. Hop around if you like, and it you have to tl;dr this, I understand.

September 22, 2016: Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds suggests running down protestors who block streets.

March 10: Arizona Trumpists call for liberal genocide and deportation of Jews.

April 4, 2017: Radio commentator calls for the killing of “globalists”
because of Muslim immigration

April 25:  After Berkeley violence, “Alt-Knight” fight club begins training for street confrontations in California.

April 26: Ann Coulter uses coded racial language to register her displeasure about being denied the right to speak at Berkeley.

May 14: Richard Spencer gathers white supremacist tiki torch brigade at Charlottesville after governor Terry McAuliffe readies the removal of a confederate monument.

June 11: Islamophobes march en masse around the country.

June 12: Right wing gunmen “defend” statue of Sam Houston in Texas that isn’t in danger of removal. Militia group Oath Keepers threaten civil war.

June 13: In notoriously obtuse and awful conservative clearinghouse Townhall, Pat Buchanan intimates civil war is inevitable.

June 19: Steroid enthusiast and professional wrestler imitator Alex Jones espouses a loyalty pledge to Donald Trump. Refusal, he suggests, necessitates loss of citizenship.

June 15: Christofascist pastor Rick Wiles calls for the rounding up of journalists who don’t toe the Trump line.

June 21: Memorial to slain Virginia Muslim set on fire.

June 22: Florida sheriff issues a call to arms, ostensibly to stop mass shootings by terrorists.

June 23: LGBT veterans memorial tarred.

June 29: NRA targets “the left”, specifically the media, educators and entertainers.

June 30: Portland Republican Party hires armed antigovernment militias and Second Amendment fanatics to provide security at their political events.

July 5: Daily Stormer fanatics threaten to dox and bring violence upon CNN employees because the network discovered the identity of the creator of a GIF that showed Trump “beating up” a representation of the network. Oath Keepers say we would be in a civil war already if Clinton had won the election.

July 7: KKK gathers at Charlottesville with guns over the Lee statue slated for removal.

July 8: Whackadoodle Trumpist threatens Minnesota CAIR with war against American Muslims by millions of white males.

And that’s about where I stopped collating white right wing calls and demonstrations for violence, because my Republican thick-necked mayor threatened me with arrest if I didn’t stop emailing him about his feckless decision to put religious stickers on cop cars. I got a little busy when I blew that up.

The point is, this weekend didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was the result of an increasingly emboldened white right wing itching for something ugly. I hope Heather Heyer did not die in vain and the truth about the right (and Trumpism) cannot be hidden or spun anymore. I hope there’s no shortage of moral disgust among the average American about what happened in Virginia. There are some positive signs. It’s already evident that these Nazi fucks did far more damage to their cause than good because they cannot restrain their hateful impulses.

When it comes to standing up to these creeps, a few watchwords come to mind, words that a good writer friend of mine always uses when she signs off on a piece.







Back To The Suck

I like President Obama most of the time. But I do not approve of him slowly sinking more troops into the Iraqi’s battle against ISIS. We lost two soldiers yesterday at a forward base.

I would very much like to be out of Iraq. I think the president tried as best he could to stop that foolishness. But whoever takes his place is probably going to escalate the ISIS crisis( although in the unlikely event that Bernie Sanders wins that will probably not happen).

Make no mistake: ISIS is a frightening group of people to tango with. Not only are they a fierce army, they are not afraid to use terror as a weapon to spread their tendrils. Their ambitions appear to be primarily local, unless you can count things like San Bernardino and Brussels. International terrorism will never really be wiped out so long as someone is hungry for power and has a cause to die for. We can try to slow its growth, using new anti-terror methods(and dubious ones too: see Guantanamo Bay).

I don’t think there is any rational answer to forces like ISIS and Boko Haram. Short of invading countries and losing thousands of soldier’s lives, we have to do what we can within the bounds of the law(and not surveil Muslim neighborhoods, Ted Cruz). We simply can’t give in to fear by being extreme; I don’t want things like Japanese internment. I don’t want waterboarding and torture to the point of insanity.

As I said, in the end escalation is likely to become policy, the commanders in chief finding no other alternative to beating thse sick fucks. America is getting ready to bleed again.

Are we ready? Is our coalition ready to die for innocents this time, instead of oil? Do we have to destroy the village to save it once again? Time will tell.

Brain Dead Surgeon

Conservatives have a real taste for the stupid. Look at Donald Trump, for example. The man makes up shit, insults everyone he can, and has no policy ambitions beyond things being “amazing”, “great”, or “the best” were he president.  This is all you have to do to be a GOP frontrunner. And Trumpism has had a cascading effect on the campaigns running behind him. They’re all trying to outdo each other in the dumb department.

Now, I am not saying that the candidates would behave any better if he was not in the race. Some other clown prince would man the helm if a Trump-like figure had not emerged. Consider the bone John McCain had to throw conservatives in 2008 by choosing dingaling Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Remember how many dunderheads climbed to the top of the GOP pack in 2012 only to crash and burn, clearing the way for bland Mitt Romney to win the nomination. There is plenty of precedent for right-wing voters choosing the most moronic blithering idiots they can find before settling for less than. I still think the road will be clear enough for Jeb! soon enough even though he can’t seem to get much traction-why this is I can’t tell you, because he’s a polite version of everything that is wrong with modern conservatism. Like McCain, he’s a “RINO” because he’s not as much as a demagogue than the rest of them. So he’ll have to wait until this gaggle of dimwits sloughs off a few members.

The next flavor of the month once Trump flames out (and he will), is going to be the good doctor Ben Carson. He’s this cycle’s Herman Cain-black, successful, with no experience whatsoever in the political arena. And like Cain, he has no idea what he’s talking about 24/7. He’s an idiot savant of the highest order. And I think he’s having an “Uzbeki-beki-stan” moment, showing no grasp on geography or foreign affairs. Let’s take a look:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Sunday that the United States has to be careful about letting Syrian refugees into the country because some might be like the terrorists behind the Boston Marathon bombing.

“I would recognize that bringing in people from the Middle East right now carries extra danger,” Carson said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I know we have a process, but how effective is it? How does it, you know, let people like the Tsarnaev brothers in here?”

“We cannot put our people at risk because we’re trying to be politically correct,” he said.

I’ll put aside the fact that he’s suggesting that people from the Middle East are the only group that spawns terrorists. That alone makes his statements utterly detestable. But Ben puts a big cherry on this moron sundae; he thinks that the Boston bombers are from the Middle East. Kyrgystan is a former Russian province. They’re well north of the eastern tip of Afghanistan, which itself is not necessarily a Middle Eastern country. If Kryrgystan is Middle Eastern, so is fucking China and India.

Our acceptance of Syrian civil war refugees has nothing whatsoever to do with being “politically correct”, galoot. It has to do with basic human decency and having a deeper connection and commitment to the world around us. Only the lowest garbage fish could say we were doing this because we’re afraid to offend someone when we participate in such affairs.

Since we’re talking about it, let me be PC: Ben Carson is offensive, thoughtless and clueless. In other words, he’s inevitable.

Terrorism And Crime

Yesterday I averred that the Charleston shooter was not a terrorist. I wrote that in the post-911 world, we throw that charge around too much. If this were 1999, Dylann Roof would merely be a mass murderer. I said that we are too eager to call a non-Muslim a terrorist. I said that calling him a terrorist is PC gone awry.

I pulled it. I felt some of my thinking didn’t pass the smell test. I’m going to start fresh. Let’s hope this doesn’t stink either.

Terror is political. I think that’s clear to anyone who does the most basic research. Was the shooting political because Roof was a racist? That’s a difficult question. I feel that by saying that he was a terrorist, it follows that we need to reclassify a lot of violent acts perpetrated as terrorism. Perhaps I am splitting hairs, but we should separate hate crimes and mass murder from the nebulous definition of “terrorism”. If we think clearly we find that all acts of violence are “terroristic” by nature. Any killing traumatizes everyone in the vicinity of the crime. If we omit the fact that terror is something used to achieve political gain, then we can call anyone a terrorist.

I’m a white guy. I am sick to death of racism and oppression. I understand white privilege and know that my knapsack is never very far from me. I’m as liberal as they come. But I think perhaps we get a little out of hand when we try to reduce things and avoid the complexity of a given situation. It seems to me that we are still traumatized by 9-11, so much so that we look for terrorism in any tragedy. It’s become embedded in the American experience. We are a collective of victims, and our language has changed as a result of it.

What Dylann Roof did was a hate crime and a mass murder. He is a racist and a disturbed individual. He’ll go away for a very long time. But there was no weapon of mass destruction (shoehorning a pistol into this category is absurd), no conspiracy, no destruction of property, no cause except racism. And he’s being charged with murder, not terrorism.

All I am saying is let’s be sparing with the way we describe things. I like to be precise, and I attempt that every day I write. I probably fail a lot. But I am trying to make sense of this world just like you. And I try to apply the right logic and use the right words for every situation I observe. I want that little scumbag to atone. But I must call him what he really is and not give in to the emotions that make us so reflexive and reactive sometimes. I hope whoever reads this understands that I am not minimizing what this guy did.

But I won’t maximize it either.

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