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Things To Stop Doing

I am an Iraq war veteran. I came back with a case of PTSD and a biploar flareup. I subsequently went crazy in 2011.  I made it to nine years, and am currently permanently disabled from service-connected injury.

One of the weird things you say to me is “thanks for your service”.

The Army, as it happens, was the first straight gig I ever had. I was a failure at life until I joined. I became a soldier out of necessity. Do not thank me for stopping the trainwreck that I called a life by joining.

You also call me a hero who defended your freedom. No. I defended Halliburton’s rights to Iraqi oil. You did not gain an increase in freedom from me and my cohorts as we tore Iraq apart.

It was 13 years ago. Let it lie. What we’re really all about and what you are all about can be found in a great article here.


Back To The Suck

I like President Obama most of the time. But I do not approve of him slowly sinking more troops into the Iraqi’s battle against ISIS. We lost two soldiers yesterday at a forward base.

I would very much like to be out of Iraq. I think the president tried as best he could to stop that foolishness. But whoever takes his place is probably going to escalate the ISIS crisis( although in the unlikely event that Bernie Sanders wins that will probably not happen).

Make no mistake: ISIS is a frightening group of people to tango with. Not only are they a fierce army, they are not afraid to use terror as a weapon to spread their tendrils. Their ambitions appear to be primarily local, unless you can count things like San Bernardino and Brussels. International terrorism will never really be wiped out so long as someone is hungry for power and has a cause to die for. We can try to slow its growth, using new anti-terror methods(and dubious ones too: see Guantanamo Bay).

I don’t think there is any rational answer to forces like ISIS and Boko Haram. Short of invading countries and losing thousands of soldier’s lives, we have to do what we can within the bounds of the law(and not surveil Muslim neighborhoods, Ted Cruz). We simply can’t give in to fear by being extreme; I don’t want things like Japanese internment. I don’t want waterboarding and torture to the point of insanity.

As I said, in the end escalation is likely to become policy, the commanders in chief finding no other alternative to beating thse sick fucks. America is getting ready to bleed again.

Are we ready? Is our coalition ready to die for innocents this time, instead of oil? Do we have to destroy the village to save it once again? Time will tell.

It’s The Wrong Way

Let’s face it; if it weren’t for the oil, we’d have nothing to do with ISIS. We just wouldn’t give a shit. Our tar baby, Iraq, will keep holding us there for years.

ISIS has done nothing to the United States. They never will. They could give a fuck. Their war is one of dominance and power but they aren’t really interested in us as a target of their viciousness. That could change, however, if we keep bombing them. Hard to say. They don’t seem too impressed with our efforts so far.

I spent a year with the Iraqi people. I found them charming, funny, and hospitable. I would love it if we were able to lift them up out of despair and hopelessness. But that is what we brought them. We have subjected them to terror and poverty. If we really wanted to help that country, we could roll up ISIS in a month with overwhelming force. But it begs the question: why the lack of resolve? It’s a well established fact that air power doesn’t win wars. They are a force multiplier, but only when used in conjunction with other assets. Vietnam refused to bow no matter how many sorties we flew. It tends to entrench the enemy, not decimate it. The problem is political in nature; Barack Obama is determined not to break a campaign promise. I kind of respect him for that. But these half-ass measures in Iraq are no better. We either win this thing or fuck off.

But Obama seems to have no problem with a new foreign policy; that of toppling Bashar-Al-Assad in Syria. Currently, we want to have it both ways-we want to hit ISIS and knock over Assad in the process. Obama’s playing hardball. He’s just as much a slave to the type of cynical realpolitik calculations that have gotten us into trouble all over the globe. Why, if I didn’t know any better, I’d go full paranoiac and say that we are letting ISIS operate in Syria because our interests, however diametrically opposed otherwise, converge there. Our so-called “moderates” are hapless, if they even exist.

Enter Russia. As ever, Russia is trying to keep NATO and NATO-aligned countries out of its sphere of influence. They’re doing exactly what we are doing; protecting their turf. But we may have to let the chew toy called Syria go and let the Russians boot ISIS from the area. I bet Russian commanders relish the idea of seasoning its military by doing this. Might be easy. Might not be. Ain’t our bitch. Let’s cut the shit and move on, we’ll do Iraq and they’ll do Syria. Or not. Whatever we are doing now is not going to work. Fish or cut bait.

I am no warmonger. I’m more mad at ISIS for destroying history and ancient artifacts than anything else. But Iraq deserves better than the cancer we gave them. Maybe we can finally make it a war for liberation, unlike the last two times we went. I hate that I am saying we go in one more time. But honest strategists will have to admit that air power isn’t going to fix Iraq’s problems, and their military is simply not capable enough to rid themselves of ISIS. They haven’t been ready since we created them.

Dust off the Powell Doctrine, fuck the Rumsfeld Doctrine. We’re going to be there no matter. Let’s do it right.


Fracture Follies

Biden called it. I say game over:

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced proposed reforms to the structure of Iraq’s central state over the weekend, including the elimination of several key government offices. The offices of vice president and deputy prime minister listed for termination have been divided along sectarian lines since 2004.

Abadi’s proposals also include removal of restrictions on foreign direct investment and new initiatives to train security forces for the fight against ISIS. Iraq’s parliament will consider the proposed reforms beginning on Tuesday.

Presented in US media as “anti-corruption” measures, the reform proposals actually represent a major step toward the dissolution of the unified Iraqi state and the breakup of Iraqi society into several autonomous statelets.

In an April speech at the Washington DC think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Abadi outlined a program of privatization of state-owned property and effective political autonomy at the local level, saying such measures were necessary to reverse the efforts of the previous Maliki government to centralize power in Baghdad. “If we don’t decentralize, the country will disintegrate,” Abadi said.

“To me, there are no limitations to decentralization,” he continued. “In a major government reform, we are decentralizing decision-making from Baghdad to the local administration and local governments. The National Guard will take the responsibility to defend the provinces from any threat, and they will be accountable to the governors.”

This is the end of Iraq. It’s going to be vivisected into three exploitable pieces and all of it will be sold off to the highest bidder. It was probably all in the plan. We’re going to make them dependent on our aid so we can direct its every move. Oh, it may still go under the name “Iraq”, but the various factions can’t stand each other and this is to our advantage. A powerless oil state is the goal. One wonders if we are looking east next, and the “deal” is nothing but cover, providing an excuse to let the dogs of war loose on Iran.

Like I said, I’d hate to see what the war party would do.

Bombs All Over Baghdad

The other Republican with bad hair, Rand Paul, is in the middle of a shit sandwich. Oh sure, he’ll probably get to sit at the big kids table come August 6, but he hasn’t exactly been lighting up the crowds out there. He’s supposed to have a little gravity as the “libertarian” in the race, but he’s been hard at work disabusing people of the idea that he is one. This makes you wonder what his use in this contest is. He’s even crankier than Chris Christie, and who the fuck needs that?

I have no idea what makes people want to run for president when they have no chance at actually being a nominee. Vanity? Money? Sheer delusion? Maybe something else. Maybe all of the above. I guess it’s like the lottery, you gotta be in it to win it even though you have a better chance of being eaten by a shark in Kansas than you have of winning.

This has been bugging me for a while:

Iraqi refugees shouldn’t exist, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), because the United States already “won” the Iraq War.

n an interview with Boston Herald Radio this week, Paul attempted to justify why he wanted to restrict the number of refugees the United States takes in, particularly from certain areas of the world like the Middle East.

“We accepted 60,000 people from Iraq as refugees,” the Kentucky GOPer said. “What I don’t get about it is, I thought asylum would be when you lost the war. We won the Iraq War! We put in place a democratic government. Why would there be any people seeking asylum from Iraq after the war?”

I expect this kind of complete denial of reality and miscalculation from the likes of a Donald Rumsfeld. Iraq should be a third rail right now for Republicans; no one should touch the subject unless forced to. If you aren’t admitting its failure, then even by conservative standards, you’re not going to hold anyone’s esteem for long. Gone are the days when you can get away with this kind of dumbfuckery and still have people listen to you:


Gee, Rand, I have no idea why Iraqis are fleeing. Could it be this? Maybe we should check here for reasons? Isn’t it a well known fact that half or Iraq is being occupied by a bloodthirsty religious movement?

You are not fit to be a candidate if you cannot accurately sketch a picture of the current state of our war of attrition in the Middle East. It may not be easy to extemporaneously comment on everything going on in the world, but unfortunately for Rand Paul, that’s what being President demands. Sorry, simpleton, “we won” is the the most pathetic spin I’ve seen in a good long time.

Into The Suck

The fight against ISIS looks more like Vietnam every month.

“3-5 years”.


“Carpet bombing”.

“Boots on the ground”.

“Covert war”.

We haven’t learned shit, have we?

Once again, H/T to, who is monitoring the hell out this mess.

Come Back Joni

Joni Ernst is very slick. Like most Republicans, she graduated with honors from the school of “I’m Not Saying This, But That’s Exactly What I’m Saying“:

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said over the weekend that U.S. troops were “ready to go back” to Iraq to fight ISIS.

In an interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl that aired on Sunday, Ernst pointed out that she had not yet made a call for ground troops to be redeployed to Iraq.

“I am not ready to put ground troops in, but I think we are coming to a juncture where we will have to make that hard decision,” Ernst argued.

 “We haven’t made that determination yet, we will have to make a decision at some point,” the Iowa Republican replied. “But having served in the Middle East, I see a need at some point. If we don’t get this situation under control, ISIS will continue to spread.”

Translation: I’m not saying we need troops. I’m simply saying that troops will be needed.

I think what irks me the most about this little snippet of interview is this:

“But having served in the Middle East, I see a need at some point.”

Grrr. A fucking reservist truck driver, magically transformed into Norman Schwarzkopf. That’s amazing. It’s like me saying I went to high school so I am now qualified to teach it.

Ernst doesn’t think we’ve bled enough for an ignoble cause; oil. We couldn’t give a rat’s ass about ISIS if it weren’t for the fact that they continue to gobble that territory, territory that we fought like hell to annex. It’s gone, baby, it’s gone. It was never really ours.

I’m not saying that Joni Ernst should shut the fuck up. What I am saying is that shutting the fuck up is something she should do.

Laugh Of The Day

Marco Rubio on Iraq:

Rubio seemed to express support for US troops being present in Iraq, but he maintained this did not represent the controversial “nation-building” philosophy that led to a protracted American military presence in that country following the US invasion in 2003.

Wait for it…

“It’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation,” Rubio said of his vision for Iraq.

You are not hallucinating. Those words were spoken in that particular order. I’ll paste it again.

“It’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation.”

So much for the brown vote, Pubbies. Bye bye now.

Hate On, Hate On

I never thought I would write these words, but I fully support the Westboro Baptist Church in this regard and I wish them well in their endeavors.

Do drop us a line about it. If you still have hands after you meet them, that is.

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