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The Nude Bomb

I can be a very bad lefty sometimes. I am often not good at being politically correct. It’s something I probably need to work on. Mea culpa.

I also get off on rank juvenility. Oops.

It is with these things in mind that I laugh my ass off at this:


As you probably already know, these statues were found in major cities across the country. Who’s surprised that the man with the big fat mouth has a teeny peeny? I fucking hope Trump sees these and sheds a tear privately because he fucking sucks as a human being and deserves to be embarrassed.

I’m in the wrong, though:

Shaming Trump as a response to the many offensive comments cited in the media since he announced his run for President doesn’t make us better than him. It puts us on the very same level. Turning the abuser into the victim just makes you the new abuser. I know it’s supposed to be about taking back power, but at what cost? Is it worth lowering ourselves to the same level as the man who is so often called out for inciting hate? Two wrongs will never make a right, no matter how hard we try to justify our actions and words.

There’s apparently two reasons that “our side” shouldn’t yuk it up about these statues: 1) body shaming is passe and 2) do unto others. We would be incensed if someone made effigies of Mrs. Clinton so we must not do this with Mr. Trump. Well, I guess there’s a point there. Perhaps there are better ways to disempower a piece of garbage like Donald Trump.

I’m torn. I understand the high road reasoning but on the other hand, jesus, it’s just a dick joke, give it a rest. I grew up in a generation raised on Truly Tasteless Jokes-I don’t have standards when it comes to humor. I’ll take it low and dirty-and clearly, Donald Trump will too, so fuck him. It’s been a nasty election and Donald is reaping what he has sown. I just don’t feel like being right, or correct at this juncture. After all, what are rules of engagement to a snake like Trump?


Call It What It Is

Jerry Coyne for the win:



“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” – John Steinbeck

Music You Do Not Deserve/High Art…I Found Some!

Take equal parts Charles Manson, Robert Tilton, Daniel Johnston, John S. Hall, and Rodney Anonymous, add your favorite inhalant, a keyboard…and…

If you can’t get enough of this, you can get more here. With songs like “Where Can I Find A Ditzy Girl?” and “Would I Date An Atheist?”, how can you lose? This is so fucking good I want his t-shirt.


Acting Like A Dick

Is what I do. So much so that I would like to share something art-worthy that I found.

Penises and plaster are the material.

That’s right; someone used to cast penises, usually famous ones and uh, I don’t know what she does with them and it is not my job to ask.

She does breasts too!

But seriously, folks, Congress included, let’s stop acting like dicks. I done did it today by acknowledging yet another anchorgal crush on this site(see below). I also have space in a future harem for Hala Gorani, but will you SHUT UP RON thank you muchly and continue saying neat things about art, and being funny and gay and laughing all day at shit that ain’t funny.

I think this lady is hilarious. Go see her stuff if you are Chicago-bound, bless you on your pilgrimage.

Untitled 1

Courtesy of my wife, Jessica. Have a good day, I have shopping to do and then I will rant at you later.

Vindicating Myself As An Underappreciated Trendsetter

Roy Edroso hips me to the fact that Fox might dust off some of Peter Bagge’s old work and put it on Fox as a TV show.

It isn’t going to be Hate, I’m sad to say, but it looks like The whole Bradley family will be getting the treatment. I can’t tell you how many times I saw poor me in the Buddy Bradley strips, with all of his zits and his booze and his music, and wondering if anyone cares about anything at all. Sad time in my life, the 20s.

I have to ask myself…would I watch it? Would it tank? I guess I would watch it, at least record it, maybe buy it when it hits the supermarket. Art, like wine, has to either chill or be left open to breathe, and I tend to treat every piece of art this way. When the public breathes its nasty germs on it, is that good for the work? Typically, never. Art must repel and be repulsive these days, with a few exceptions like Kate MacDowell whose work compels interest.

I gotta go for now, but good luck, Pete!

Art You Do Not Deserve

Since I am not an artist but a music fan, it would be wrong of me to not mention that David Yow is doing something else besides writing music for assholes who don’t appreciate him. He retouches photos now.

Yes. The guy that invented the “Tight and Shiny”, he likes to fix photos.

You are lucky that he does this for a living. Because if he did not, his music would probably make your asshole hurt. Which is what Dave’s idea of fun is. I should know. I went to every show they played in the New York area, and I was at a show with nothing but my friends that NO ONE came to. Instead, dumb Jersey hicks were waiting to see Monster Magnet, because they are on drugs.

I have been kicked by David Yow several times. I have sung in his microphone while he crowd surfed, and I use that term loosely because basically, he fell on the crowd, which was his intent. It was up to the crowd to deal with him after that.

He even lent me a cigarette after a show, which is an interesting gesture, because usually the crowd is NOT Dave’s friend. Oh, they paid their ticket, they enjoyed the ride, but they forgot the circus act.

If you think I’m crazy…you ain’t left your house in 20 years.

High Art: I Found Some!

Remember I was saying a while ago that art=love for the subject? I also said that none of you deserve it because you just walk right by it, as if in a museum, or give it to some nouveau riche jerk who thinks it is a prize?

I would be guilty of this if I didn’t just see some today. I probably can’t afford it, but I got to see it, and that felt pretty good.

If you are traveling in Pennsylvania, and have questions like “What is wrong with the water in Pittsburgh?”, you are asking the wrong question. What you should be asking is, “Hey, you with the cheese sandwich-where is the Society For Contemporary Craft?”

Someone with a sandwich should be able to tell you eventually.

Or if you are in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, looking around and asking why anyone would live there except to write the name “Sheboygan” in their envelope’s return address, once again, ask a question of the locals. No wait, don’t. Every gas station owner will look at you and wonder, “Is this person gonna buy that jerky finally?” if you ask him for directions to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Buy some of the jerky, and a map, because there’s something you ought to see in both places.

There’s someone named Kate MacDowell who is showing you stuff you should see. I’m so interested in it, I had to make three corrections to her last name in the last 30 seconds. I don’t like anything, generally. Most of you who know me understand this, and either dislike me back or put up with me, or both. Don’t matter much to me.

You should go to her website immediately, where you can see things like this:

Or, if you like mushrooms a lot or are schizophrenic, maybe you could dig this:

I’m just bipolar, so I like all of it.

I say in big scary letters: KATE MAC…MC…

Shut up.

Kate MacDowell is a sensitive artist who would like you to see her stuff. From where I’m standing, she’d like to rearrange your face, but I only say this because I am afraid she will open me up and put bugs in me.

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