Music You Do Not Deserve/High Art…I Found Some!

Take equal parts Charles Manson, Robert Tilton, Daniel Johnston, John S. Hall, and Rodney Anonymous, add your favorite inhalant, a keyboard…and…

If you can’t get enough of this, you can get more here. With songs like “Where Can I Find A Ditzy Girl?” and “Would I Date An Atheist?”, how can you lose? This is so fucking good I want his t-shirt.


About The Head Seminarian

I went to war, I went to father, I came, I saw, and it is a mess. I wouldn't have it any other way. Shitty people amuse me, people who act like human volcanoes fascinate me like fine art. Life is beautiful, and it is under attack in a manner heretofore unseen in history. I might be writing a blog. Yes, that's all I am doing, now that I think about it. Even I forget sometimes, so we're cool.

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