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To Have And To Scold

Christians think that marriage was created by God. Never mind how twisted marriage actually is in the Bible…

Yep. Anyway, as is the norm for the loopier of our Christian cultists, ignoring history is key to their belief. Here’s part of a full page ad in the Washington Post:

A message to the United States Supreme Court:

As you deliberate on marriage
Remember whose idea it was in the first place.

Marriage was neither manmade nor created by any law or Constitution. It was God’s plan and purpose for civilization from the beginning. He created man and woman as distinctly separate but inherently compatible; each unique yet sexually complementary – providing both the means for and the ideal relationship within which to raise children from that union.

Sorry, guys, but not only does God not mention “marriage” in Genesis, marriage itself predates even Judaism…

Factually, marriage was in existence as a social contract for many centuries before anyone heard of little Israel (the Merneptah stela, c. 1220 BCE). We know of Mesopotamian marriage from the Code of Hammurabi (18th century BCE). It is only thanks to Pharaoh Merneptah (reigned c. 1224-1214), the son of Ramesses II, who raised a stela in celebration of his victories, that we know Israel existed at all some 500 years later.

But by all means, go ahead believing in your false history so you can deprive loving couples of their constitutional rights. You guys better hope they don’t bring back the lions-we may not be keen to save you after what is said and done.


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