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Blue-On-Blue Violence

Dear Democrat electorate:

Shut the goddamn fuck up about the Hillary Clinton e-mail “scandal”. It is being ginned up by Republicans and you are doing exactly what they want you to do-which is to doubt yourselves. Wake up, she didn’t do anything wrong; you are being taken for a fucking ride because Benghazi.  You wobbly, mushy motherfuckers fucked the country by not fucking going out to vote in 2014 and you deserve everything you fucking get if you do it again in ’16.

Thanks for playing, assholes. No wonder this country is in the shitter.

Yes, We Should Have

A good chunk of the left thinks Barack Obama’s presidency has been something of a disappointment. There was so much promised that never materialized. We had the whole government for a year and we couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time by doing something other than healthcare reform. Sure, the economy imploded and the administration pivoted to that, but we could have made even more history. We lost Teddy Kennedy, and that was the end of the dreaming. Republicans guaranteed that the Obama agenda would be delivered stillborn.

So it’s a bit galling to find that Obama has found his inner progressive when his opposition is at its most powerful, when he can barely do a damn thing . But there he is. From gay rights to dope and immigration, from Cuba to Iran, he is struggling against the bonds imposed by a hostile Congress. Today, Barack offered one of his regrets and it is a day late and a dollar short:

President Barack Obama says if he could start his presidency over, he would have closed the Guantanamo Bay prison his first day.

Instead, the president ordered the detention center for terrorism suspects closed within a year. He says the politics around closure grew increasingly tough and “people got scared by the rhetoric.”

I guess he gets credit for being reflective, unlike some people I could name.

Gohmert Pyle

I have to give a lot of credit to the Iranians. They have been incredibly patient with our government’s hijinks and duplicities while we try to work out a tough international accord. It’s a miracle they are still at the nuclear negotiating table. I hate the fact that John Kerry probably had to tell them to ignore half our damn government or that he may have had to excuse our fractious Congress, who still doesn’t understand its place in The Big Deal. Today’s wingnut salvo is from Louie Gohmert(R-Teabaggistan):

He said the president was “slapping (Israel) around as an unwelcomed visitor,” but he remained hopeful Obama would treat Israel as a friend.

“Maybe once he starts doing that he’ll realize we do need to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities that we know of and anything that they move to fix, we bomb that as well,” Gohmert said.

The Republican lawmaker said it was too late to negotiate with Iran on its nuclear program.

“We need to encourage this administration to go take out Iran’s nuclear capability,” Gohmert said.

“I think it’s time to bomb Iran — anything that resembles a nuclear facility with centrifuges,” he added. “It’s time to bomb.”

Who would have ever thought that the revolution would show us up like this? Gohmert and his dominio-zionists need to get their nappies changed.

Meet Your Caucus

Not long ago, Steve Doocy of Fox News opined that “mainstream media outlets were trying to make conservatives look like crazy people.” Can he drop this at liberalism’s doorstep? Oh, but you must look. There you will find Rick Santorum, trying to field a question from a woman who obviously belonged on a field trip from the mental ward who didn’t get back on her bus.

This is what nonstop hate media and outrage politics will produce. Own it, you sons of bitches.

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