Daily Archives: March 7, 2015

No Wonder They’re Getting So Twitchy

God-bothering Whitey McWhiteWhites are slowly losing majority status in quite a few states. Even my home state Georgia(46 percent) is on the list!

An Exercise In Unnecessary Panic

Conservative cipher and flavor of the month Scott Walker trails Clinton by 4. Who really gives a shit? That’s still a staggering loss for the cons. Rest assured, Walker will have to explain himself soon enough, and once people find out what a motherfucker he is, supporters will flock to the money candidate. I swear, if the Negative Nancys of the left ditch Clinton, they get exactly what they fucking deserve. Even George W. had to cast himself as “compassionate” to bring the mushy middle to him. Today’s Republican contest is all about who can be the most nutty. They actually think that if their candidate goes far right enough, they will gain the support of the people. Unlikely.

Stay the course. Steady as she goes. We got this. Hold your nose if you like because the alternative is kind of fucking scary.

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