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Non-Bipolar Housecleaning

It seems that I have stabilized.

Feel free to have a look at what I was up to in the fateful year of 2011. I was having a nervous breakdown and on a wild manic spree. It’s unfortunate…all that writing, and none of it was sane. It makes me nervous to carry on, especially since there is virtually no point in writing a political-themed blog in 2015 because all the really good bloggers are now writing for bigger online enterprises. But I guess that’s not my worry. What I should worry about is whether I enjoy it. And I do. Every story leads me to new information. I need not fret about who looks at it or more specifically, who doesn’t. So I’ve cleaned a little house, taken away some of the obvious crazy stuff off the front page, and put in a new theme, which may be temporary. It’s a bit brighter in general, the links are easier to see. It makes me happy, for now. I shall try to stay that way. I am a moonbat, so many will say I am still writing gibberish. Part of me agrees with you. But I’ve been writing for 25 years now for fun. Some people do Sudoku. Some people like to doodle. This is what I do.


Right wingers always complain that lefties “have an agenda”. Oh, fuck you. Technically, everyone has an agenda. Especially you dupes.

This is leveled at those of us who believe in climate change. Like evolutionary “propaganda“, we must ask, to what end? How dare we goose-step to the desire for a cleaner planet! How politically motivated we must be to want a world that we will recognize in 50 years! There is no “agenda” here, except for concern for the well-being of the human race.

Warming denialism is evolving. There’s the rock-dumb James Inhofe version, but now the goalposts are moving. The new version is yes, global warming is obviously occurring, but we can’t prove that we are the cause. Why so desperate to ignore the warnings of a unified scientific community? What’s your agenda, except to be fucking stupid?

This is yet one more example of anti-intellectualism from the right.  Beats me why they resent book-learnin’ so much. Are they that desperate to score political points on “the other side”?  Really, what is behind denialism? Heaven forbid anything interrupt their godly “market”. Those crafty scientists, making beaucoup bucks dishing out conspiracy!

Who are the real conspiracists?


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