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The New Pollution

I haven’t posted since the inauguration. I am trying to keep my cool, but it’s getting harder every day. My wife has a conniption at least once a day over something he’s signed or something he’s decreed, and I’m still in “wait and see” mode. She doesn’t understand why I’m not more upset or distressed about the new shit coming from the White House.

I’m probably having the wrong reaction. I didn’t panic on election night, until 2:30AM when the blue wall in the north fell and Pennsylvania went to Trump. She knew something was wrong when Virginia was too close to call-a race which stayed that way for about four hours.

So I have decided that I may be suffering a crisis in my ability to judge. Trump’s victory has broken me, in a way; I still can’t believe it happened. He was even less qualified to lead than Ben Carson, and those of you who have been with me a minute surely understand how unqualified I thought Donald Trump was when I say that. It never occurred to me that the old bozo fraud would somehow distinguish himself as a leader. He never did, and still has not and never will, to be truthful-but Republicans will buy anything, especially when Donald became the physical manifestation of the id of every racist, sexist, homophobic flag worshipping pasty-white Christian dominionist shitheel across this once great land. We were truly at our worst when we brought this monstrosity to power. Oh sure, Donald’s hate and imbecilic patriotic posturing did not win him the election. The October Surprise Of October Surprises from the FBI, the drip-drip-drip of Julian Assange’s Russian-backed email leaks, and a new generation already weary of half-measure Democratic party policy even though it was their first election certainly did much to ensure that a soup and sandwich combo from Panera might be President rather than the hopelessly compromised Hillary Clinton.

And Hillary Clinton was a damn good candidate. Fuck each and every one of you who left her high and dry. I’m not interested in your reasons. You allowed this…this thing, whatever it turns out to be, into high office because you couldn’t have all the marbles, so you chose none. You folded your arms in front of your chest and decided to let it burn, in the hopes that if voters would see how bad it got under a Trump, they’d choose the left-wing savior they dreamt of next time around. Well, I have less faith in the American public than that. George W.Bush got two terms, and he racked up 60, 000 some-odd casualties in a war of attrition in the Middle East. So who the fuck knows what America’s mindset will be come 2018 and 2020, really. You breath-holding lefties don’t have a clue what comes next. And I’m one of you assholes too. You shit the bed and I know you won’t take responsibility for it, anymore than semi-sane Republicans will admit that they elected a fascist.

I had plans to write something else, but this must have had to come first. I’ll be around soon. Peace, kiddies.




It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue


The third debate is in the bag. I’m up early so journalism is still beginning its writeups and analysis of the performances.

All I know is that UNLV needs to check for contamination around Donald Trump’s podium. Because Hillary Clinton dropped a neutron bomb on the poor fucker.

He was outclassed from the opening salvos. Hillary Clinton had command of every topic that was brought up and was utterly unshakable. Donald Trump was reduced to blithering conspiracies by night’s end.

It was better than the first debate. We had lots of laughs about that one but this time Hillary Clinton came to fuck Trump’s shit up. She brought out the worst of him. Laid him bare. Filleted him at every turn.

If you didn’t see Donald Trump lose and lose bigly last night, you’re a fucking moron. He’s like the Black Knight from The Holy Grail; he’s lost all of his limbs but still continues to insist that he can win a fight. He got beat so bad that I don’t think his rallies will be the same. But I could be wrong. If there’s one thing that Donald Trump lacks, it’s self awareness. He will continue with his boring, pathetic campaign until he gets stomped in the only referendum that matters in a few weeks.

Anyone who is afraid to lose a bet about who wins can now comfortably lay money down today. It’s over. To quote the late Bill Nunn:

“Ooh, it’s a devastating right and Hate is hurt, he’s down. Left-Hand Hate KOed by Love.”



Squaring The Circle

The “smart” Bush really knows how to toss a great word salad. Jeb is not going to be Jeb! much longer if he keeps it up. He tries to say the right thing, but no one on the lunatic right wants what he’s selling. So the poor guy has to use some boilerplate doublespeak to keep the lizard people satisfied:

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush on Thursday weighed in on the hot-button issue of the week: whether Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis ought to be entitled – based on her religious beliefs – to defy a federal court order mandating that she issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

“[Davis] is sworn to uphold the law and it seems to me there ought to be common ground, there ought to be big enough space for her to act on her conscience and for, now that the law is the law of the land, for a gay couple to be married in whatever jurisdiction that is,” Bush said to supporters at a town hall event in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Huh? Are you having trouble understanding that? But I see what Bush is up to. He thinks he can stay on the fence when it comes to Kim Crazypants. Sorry, Jeb; there are only two sides to this argument- either you support this martyr or you chuck her under the bus. There is no space for her religious beliefs when she’s doing her job(or not). And there is no “common ground” to be found here-she follows the law or she gets prosecuted(quite different from the “persecution” she thinks she is experiencing).

Bush wants to have it both ways. He’s a coward, punting on a serious subject.


It Fails Us Now

If you are paying attention, and I know you are, you know that capitalism is nothing more than a modern day feudal system. The only difference is that the rich don’t rule by force today-they rule by the dollar. And everybody has to chase those dollars for their basic survival-these bastards make sure that just enough of them go around to stop the peasantry from burning their stately living complexes down. They want to enrich themselves as much as possible without risking their position in society. They are abetted by paid for politicians who exonerate them from their crimes against the lower classes, crimes which do not have a statute yet.

The last time the pigs almost got got was back during the Roosevelt years; the money grubbers nearly destroyed the whole system by exploiting it too much. This article alarms me, because it’s how you might suss that there is a huge problem about to happen:

…fear is proliferating, according to a New York Times Op-Ed this weekend by former marketing conglomerate CEO Peter Georgescu. Joined by his friend Ken Langone, founder of Home Depot, Georgescu warns his fellow 1 percenters that “[w]e are creating a caste system from which it’s almost impossible to escape.” The column raises the specter of “major social unrest” if inequality is not addressed.

‘”I’m scared. The billionaire hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones is scared. My friend Ken Langone, a founder of the Home Depot, is scared. So are many other chief executives. Not of Al Qaeda, or the vicious Islamic State or some other evolving radical group from the Middle East, Africa or Asia. We are afraid where income inequality will lead.”

It’s sort of enheartening too.

Well, if you are really nervous about a new revolution or mass unrest, perhaps you should stop funding Republicans. Your motherfucking friends in high places are ready to take what little the people have left in your name by cutting your taxes and social spending. They’ve got a huge zombie army of sad sack capitalist wannabes that will keep them in power. Start by stunting their initiatives. I am glad you all went to the media to expiate your sins. Because it shows you are smart-and you didn’t get where you are by not being a clever motherfucker.

Perhaps, as the article states, these Richie Riches are watching the Sanders machine gain steam and this is part of why they’re publicly pooping their pants. I am not convinced that it will go anywhere-I still maintain Clinton will ultimately absorb the fed-up vote and win 2016 decisively. That’s the only option that makes sense because Bernie, for all his merit, might not survive the generals. We’ll get some of what we want, and that is good enough for now. There is no magic bullet, because that’s not how shit works in this piss-poor excuse for a society. The fix is still in, and we may as well admit that. Short of wilding in the streets, there’s very little we can do-we can still speak truth to power, for what that is worth. This article shows that the powers that be are willing to widen the scope of the debate and that is nothing but good.

I wish I didn’t sound like such a Debbie Downer. But I like to think I am a realist and a pragmatist. Make no mistake, Bernie is good for us. I really hope the polls start showing some victories against the likely retards who represent the opposition. But without these creepy rich fucks bankrolling him, he will only go so far, I’m afraid. If you don’t believe me, take it from Chomsky:

I’m glad that Sanders is running. A good way to bring important ideas and facts to people. His candidacy might also press the Dems a little in a progressive direction. In our system of bought elections he has scarcely a chance of getting beyond the primaries, and even if by some miracle he were elected he wouldn’t be able to do anything, lacking any congressional representatives, governors, etc. 

Full Court Press

I was reminded by an astute reader that we are a pluralistic society. And our government reflects this hodgepodge of competing interests. The problem with this is nothing gets done because we fucking fight over everything. Pluralism has devolved into partisanship, and that is why our government doesn’t function.

Perhaps that was the plan all along. There is a fair amount of writing on this subject in the Federalist Papers. Our republic may have been designed to check the power of the people by widening the sphere of participation in the national dialogue. What can you expect from a group of newly landed gentry? The Constitution was written ostensibly to give the gift of liberty to everyone(except slaves and non-property owners). It’s a good piece of work. However, it needs some fixing. It’s old and dated. We’ve done our level best to modify it and wring more freedom for people from it. And that’s the only way to change it now; I will probably die before we pass another amendment to the document.

So who is doing the fixing? The Supreme Court. They have been the drivers of social change in this land of confusion. It is a very important job, because Congress has abdicated its responsibility to govern correctly. Even the president is writing the law without bothering to consult these screwups. But the Court’s function is critical. That’s where the boundaries of liberty are either pushed outward or restricted.

I mean to underline in bold the need for us to choose insightful, inspired justices. Yeah, I know, ones that comports my decidedly liberal values. I’ll confess to that.

It’s almost time to pick a president. And he or she is the one that will do some picking of their own. Four of the nine justices are past the mean retirement age of 78. Every modern president has picked one justice per term.

If this isn’t a reason to get motivated to vote, I don’t know what to tell you, hoss. But I tell you this, your protest vote or non-vote will fuck this shit up. I’m talking to you, manic progressives. You too, Sandernistas. Have you seen what the other side is offering? So many of you are willing to cut off your nose to spite your face.

Hillary Clinton may be a friend to Wall Street and Israel, and I know how much these bugaboos get to you. But you are only serving the dark side with your insistence on ideological purity. That’s not what we do. That’s what the right traffics in. We are pragmatic and we get behind a winner. Failure to do so will pack our court with assholes.

Bombs All Over Baghdad

The other Republican with bad hair, Rand Paul, is in the middle of a shit sandwich. Oh sure, he’ll probably get to sit at the big kids table come August 6, but he hasn’t exactly been lighting up the crowds out there. He’s supposed to have a little gravity as the “libertarian” in the race, but he’s been hard at work disabusing people of the idea that he is one. This makes you wonder what his use in this contest is. He’s even crankier than Chris Christie, and who the fuck needs that?

I have no idea what makes people want to run for president when they have no chance at actually being a nominee. Vanity? Money? Sheer delusion? Maybe something else. Maybe all of the above. I guess it’s like the lottery, you gotta be in it to win it even though you have a better chance of being eaten by a shark in Kansas than you have of winning.

This has been bugging me for a while:

Iraqi refugees shouldn’t exist, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), because the United States already “won” the Iraq War.

n an interview with Boston Herald Radio this week, Paul attempted to justify why he wanted to restrict the number of refugees the United States takes in, particularly from certain areas of the world like the Middle East.

“We accepted 60,000 people from Iraq as refugees,” the Kentucky GOPer said. “What I don’t get about it is, I thought asylum would be when you lost the war. We won the Iraq War! We put in place a democratic government. Why would there be any people seeking asylum from Iraq after the war?”

I expect this kind of complete denial of reality and miscalculation from the likes of a Donald Rumsfeld. Iraq should be a third rail right now for Republicans; no one should touch the subject unless forced to. If you aren’t admitting its failure, then even by conservative standards, you’re not going to hold anyone’s esteem for long. Gone are the days when you can get away with this kind of dumbfuckery and still have people listen to you:


Gee, Rand, I have no idea why Iraqis are fleeing. Could it be this? Maybe we should check here for reasons? Isn’t it a well known fact that half or Iraq is being occupied by a bloodthirsty religious movement?

You are not fit to be a candidate if you cannot accurately sketch a picture of the current state of our war of attrition in the Middle East. It may not be easy to extemporaneously comment on everything going on in the world, but unfortunately for Rand Paul, that’s what being President demands. Sorry, simpleton, “we won” is the the most pathetic spin I’ve seen in a good long time.

Enjoy While It Lasts

So far, Donald Trump is made of Teflon. It seems that he can say whatever he wants-no matter how outrageous it is and somehow maintain a commanding lead in most Republican polls. I don’t have anything to add on this subject that hasn’t already been said. But it’s worth noting how easy it is to be a egomaniacal lunatic and still score points with Republican voters. Trump is having the time of his life fucking with the system, and people hate the system so much that they’re ready to elect anyone who shits on it.

Sadly, the Donald is cooked in the long game. Republicans are very fickle; they have a flavor of the month during these contests. Trump will fuck up eventually or simply peter out because he’s in front too early. It’s the kiss of death. Observe this chart of the 2012 race; you’ll see that several “fringe” candidates found favor with voters for a time, only to ebb and virtually disappear.

It may take a while, but Bush 3 will be chugging along quietly behind buffoons like Trump, waiting for the clown car to empty out. What remains to be seen is who will be next whackadoodle to hold the mic for a few months. I can’t wait!

Wish In One Hand, Shit In Another

Let me start by saying I would love living through a Bernie Sanders presidency. I’d pick him over anyone running, Democrat or Republican.

That said, I am throwing my support and donations to Hillary Clinton. And she is who I will press the button for in the primary and general. I’m sorry, Bernie.

The country is not ready for a socialist. I wish it were, but you are not the cure to today’s ills just yet. We can’t guarantee a victory if you are the candidate.

I want Hillary Clinton to crush the spirit of the right. I want them to rend garments. I want their pointy heads to explode.

I want eight years of darkness to envelope them. Maybe they will learn something. I very much doubt it, but the Republican brand needs to have a reformation. I want them more discombobulated than they already are, with their 25 bags of flotsam they call “candidates”.

I read left wing press. I admit it; I will never take right-wing news at face value, nor will I pay any attention to fascist, hyper-conservative pigs who call themselves “independents” who don’t think Republicans are pure enough for them.

My, my, have I gone off track or what? I was supposed to segue into this headline:

Early Polls: Bernie Sanders Surges In New Hampshire

Wowee zowee! Jesus, people. A) It’s New Hampshire. They live next door to Vermont. That state makes no sense-Ron Paul was the runner-up in the last general. This is not news and B) Hillary Clinton is still kicking Bernie’s ass by 12 points. So why celebrate?

The lefty press needs something to write about, I guess, but it is already grating and irrelevant regarding the race. This shit is already over, folks. You can dream or you can win.

Not Only A Bigot, But A Fool

No rational person thinks that gay marriage is going to affect their lives one bit. However, 30-40% of the country is preparing itself for a civil war over the issue.

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

What’s all the fuss? Straight people eat pussy, suck dicks and go anal. How is homosexual sex any different when you get right down to the nitty? And no one has ever said that clergy will be coerced into performing ceremonies for gay couples. My brother, something of a Jesus fanatic, once said to me that separation of church and state is a two way street; you leave us alone and we leave you alone. Fine. Just fine. I can deal with that view. Now, as to refusing to cater to gay people hiring business, well, that’s probably going to be a no-no soon enough. Plenty of metros have anti-discrimination laws protecting gay folk. These laws should go national-they should be rolled into the Civil Rights Act. I think it is inevitable. We don’t get to treat others as second-class citizens anymore. We know how that goes.

With these things in mind, what the hell is this?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said Sunday that he supports a constitutional amendment that would bar the Supreme Court from granting marriage equality rights nationwide.

“I personally believe that marriage is between one man and one woman,” Walker, a prospective GOP presidential candidate, said. “If the court decides that, the only next approach is for those who are supporters of marriage being defined as between one man and one woman is ultimately to consider pursuing a constitutional amendment.”

An amendment? Really, asshole? That’s our founding document. Banning gay marriage is so important that it deserves a  place beside free speech, disestablishment, equal protection in the eyes of the law, the banning of slavery, and the right to vote regardless of race or sex.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I would like to see what an amendment would look like that doesn’t make it a festering pustule of discrimination marring our most sacred compact. Oh wait, I found it:

:Constitutional Amendment

Grants the United States and each state, territory, and possession the power to define marriage as limited to the union of one man and one woman.

Declares that: (1) nothing in this constitution shall be construed to require that marriage or its legal incidents be conferred upon any union other than the union of one man and one woman or to require that a state recognize a marriage that was licensed in another state; and (2) no decision or order of any court to the contrary, including any decision or order issued before the date of ratification, shall have any force or effect.

Ah, the old “states” gambit. Look at that garbage. The last time we tried to enshrine morality in the Constitution, it didn’t last long.

I don’t think it’s worth worrying about since Scottie and Rafael are going to self-destruct because they are morons, but careful, we’ve elected morons before. Sometimes we did it twice. So it’s important to know what we are up against-and to be vigilant in protecting our dignity before the law.

Laugh Of The Day

Marco Rubio on Iraq:

Rubio seemed to express support for US troops being present in Iraq, but he maintained this did not represent the controversial “nation-building” philosophy that led to a protracted American military presence in that country following the US invasion in 2003.

Wait for it…

“It’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation,” Rubio said of his vision for Iraq.

You are not hallucinating. Those words were spoken in that particular order. I’ll paste it again.

“It’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation.”

So much for the brown vote, Pubbies. Bye bye now.

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