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Donald Trump Is Making Me Lose My Mind

In a number of ways.

I was wrong about Herr Trump-I thought we’d have dispatched him by December of last year. Most if not all of his contenders parroted a familiar Republican orthodoxy. But they were all swept away by a particularly virulent strain of populism. Donald Trump dug deep into America’s amygdala and spoke like some people’s idea of a regular guy. Which meant that he trafficked in bigotry, misogyny, gossip, anti-intellectualism, petty insults and Chicken Little-style patriotism. A regular joe but with millions-then again, we will not know what Trump is really worth since he’s scared to release his tax returns.

Populism, I have learned, is not always good. The People can be fairly fuckin’ stupid. At least 40% of potential voters will choose this life support system for a disheveled, orange angora rabbit no matter what he says. That alone is driving me to distraction.

Something else is happening, though.

Yesterday, Donald Trump suggested that gun nuts might shoot Hillary Clinton and/or her Supreme Court justices if she becomes president. I was flummoxed. It seems that this is some of Donald Trump’s vaunted humor; the problem is that he’s not funny at all. He knows damn well that the “Second Amendment people” are his people and some of their “remedies” are lethal in nature. That comment went straight to the bones of some really sick ass folk. And I’ve never seen the Trump machine go into damage control that fast. They knew he had screwed the pooch but good this time.

Every damn day, Trump sinks lower as his poll numbers do the same. Each utterance is worse than the next. And I think we’re all collectively beat down by it. I know I’m feeling it-all I can really think about is how fucked up Donald Trump is. I’m upset about this because I can’t remember details about why I support Hillary Clinton, whom I chose over Bernie Sanders as the pragmatist that I am. All I know now is Not That Guy. All my pragmatist scruples are working overtime to make sure this shitbird never gets close to holding office. In the meantime, my arguments for Clinton are foundering-perhaps they were not all that well rooted in the first place. But I know Hillary Clinton is essentially a good person. She’s a liberal with a voting record to prove it. She learns and evolves and clearly loves details. She knows that issues are complex and don’t lend themselves to bromides well. She’s calm under the gun. Tax reform. Childcare. Healthcare. Education. Infrastructure. Minimum wage….

There, I did it. I found some of my Clinton love underneath this miasma that Trump has created. But I spend a lot of my time just amazed at him. He’s a cancer that must be removed, and I’d hire lesser lights than Hillary Clinton to stop him.

I’d even take Jim Webb. That’s how far in the weeds I’d go.


The Law And Order Party

Tits McGee is in the news again, and she is so fucking bent around the axle about gunplay, she has suggested a really smart thing-pull your gun if a cop pulls his when confronting you.

This is an excellent way to get yourself killed. As a matter of fact, cops shoot whenever they even think there is a gun involved in a situation.

This is a sitting politician advocating pointing a gun at the police. I thought you all defer to authority whenever you get a chance. But Tits is a special one. She’s one step away from considering herself and her constituents sovereign citizens who have the rights to do whatever they want irrespective of the law.

Nevada, fix this. Just because she has a G-cup rack, it doesn’t make her a good lawmaker.


Gotcha, Motherfucker

I’ve been looking for this to hit the net, because it set my hair on fire when I heard him say it on TV. A student asked him if he favors stricter gun control because everybody is shooting themselves and other people. His response:

“I uh, don’t think this is a national…(mumbles)…the, the federal government should not be involved in gun laws.”

I am sick to death of these people evading questions by using the tired-ass trope of “state’s rights”. I’ve said it many times-I will repeat it because it bears repeating. These assholes don’t really believe in the Constitution. What they’d like to go back to is the Articles Of Confederation where states ran nilly-willy with their own money, their own militia, etc. The Constitution was created in part to extend the reach of the federal government and reign those motherfuckers in.

Gun control is a de jure federal issue because the right to carry a fucking gun happens to reside in the Bill Of Rights, which established our framework of government. It is most certainly within the purview of Congress to pass laws restricting what weapons you can use if you are allowed to own them.

We’re stuck between Scylla and Charybdis. We can’t just let gun owners go crazy out there, and we can’t outlaw guns. But we have a few ideas, like registration and insurance. Stiff penalties for straw purchasers. There’s ways we can regulate the militia.

Bush is an idiot, as per usual. He can’t say something sensible because his campaign is hanging by a thread right now. Several candidates are punting on the really tough issues, and the press are covering them like stink on shit. He’s fucked either way he answers, because all the Republicans need to court the neanderthal wing of the party, the wing that really does want to go back to the 18th century, warts and all. Expecting reasonability from the GOP is going to be a long fucking haul, and I think that the mushy middle will judge them incompetent and facile when the silly season is over and the real campaign starts.

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