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Stay Out The Schultzes

Was anyone clamoring for another out of touch billionaire to run for President?

So what if he registers as a Democrat. It’s the same animal.

I’ve only just recently gotten more acquainted with Howard Schultz. A good friend asked me yesterday what I thought of him and I did not have an answer.

I’ve had a day to read some of what this guy says and my answer to my friend is not a whole lot.

I feel like he will get less votes than Jill Stein, first off. Because as far as I know, no one on the left was looking for someone to the right of the liberals. There is a demand for the Democrats to pull further left, Bernie Sanders’ (and even Stein’s) candidacy proved that. But there is no such demand for it to go further to the center. And that is why this Schultz dude will be lucky to get 3%. Furthermore, if he sticks this out think he stands more of a chance of chewing some votes from the GOP because of the coming anti-Trump backlash from the right.

In fact, I hope that is the reason for his candidacy. There’s much ado about the threat he is to the Democrats but he sure as fuck reminds me of a Republican.

Here’s what a Democratic Trump sounds like: “I must be doing something right to create so much interest and backlash from the Democratic Party.” Oh, brother. The “Did I hit a nerve, snowflakes?” routine. Fuck you. Another glib billionaire with a defiant streak, just what we need. You are pissing people off not with the things you are advocating or proposing. You’re pissing people off by pretending to be a liberal and threatening the left wing coalition. Try not to get confused. Because that’s what is keeping you on television right now.

Some more? Here, on Elizatbeth Warren: “I don’t believe the country should be heading to socialism… I think she believes in programs that will lead to a level of socialism in America.” Again, this is exasperating, this use of the boogeyman of the right. Liz Warren is a recovering conservative, a capitalist, just one who has heart and good sense who understands economics where fairness is a actually a force multiplier. So this guy is making up a dumb strawman- and for who? Do you know any Democrat who was just waiting to give it to Liz Warren for being too progressive? I didn’t think so. Honestly, if anything Schultz is giving the right wing ammo to deride the left. They’ll be playing up all the competition, trying to make it look like the lefty coalition is in trouble. It’s not. We just won the House and we’re gonna sweep the rest next year with a President who isn’t named Howard Schultz.

And, finally: “I don’t affiliate myself with a Democratic Party who’s so far left, who basically wants the government to take over health care, which we cannot afford, the government to give free college to everybody, and the government to give everyone a job.”

Then go join the GOP, because there’s not much daylight between you and conservatives with this nonsense garbletalk that means nothing.

We do not need a whole lot of bluedogs to win in 2020, any more than we need the destructive, self-wounding wing of the progressives. Clinton won the popular vote partially cloaked as a progressive. So we have an enthusiasm gap for the right of the left. Schultz becomes unnecessary and surperfluous in that analysis.

For the record, I do indeed hope that some things are moving in the direction of socialism. But there will be no capital S socialism and perhaps that’s just fine. Mixing it brings the best of both-purebreds have a habit of dying early and painfully. Frontier psychology is so ingrained in our history-mind that we reflexively do things solely for ourselves instead of for each other. I would like that to change, and to that end I am willing to vote for some mandated fairness; the only other hope is a revolution. And that will probably only end up in cracked skulls, dictators, zip ties and tear gas from sea to shining sea.

There will be no evening out of serious inequalities any time soon. The rich will stay filthy rich and there will always be poor people.

You didn’t hear it from me, but that’s part of the secret sauce to make a middle class.

Knockdown In Round Two

Yesterday, it seemed like the end for the struggle to preserve benefits, protections and entitlements for millions of people across the country was imminent. The GOP looked unified enough to pull it off and take it all, desperate for some sort of victory no matter how Pyrrhic it would be once regular people felt the bite. They were ready to commit massive legislative arson just so they could please their wealthy donors in this cussed Citizens United era.

There was a snag last night when deficit hawks had reservations, but we’re all still on the hook at the moment. We might be losing the light yet.

But fuck all that. I know it’s important, but hang on.

Robert Mueller pulled another string.

He’s got Michael Flynn in his talons and he ain’t going to jail even a minute for one Donald J. Trump.

As they say in chess: Check.

And it looks like an ugly check, a nasty, sickening game-fucking fork that will cost King Dipshit his protective pieces, and when that happens, it’s only a matter of time before white chases him around the board where no space is safe.

I knew something was up yesterday. Trump is erratic at best on normal days, so it’s hard to read anything into his behavior. But he went berserk this week. It started with “honoring” Native American veterans in front of a portrait of the asshole who signed the Indian Removal Act, and like the 6 year old imp that he is, he proceeded to take a bizarre shot at Elizabeth Warren (as if to say “While I’m on the subject of Indians…“), a shot that no doubt confused the honorees and eventually pissed off much of the Native American community. He accused Joe Scarborough of murder, mused as to whether the pussy grabbing recording was real, told people in private that he still isn’t sure about Barack Obama’s birthplace, dribbled something about a fake news contest, dragged NFL players, CNN, The New York Times, I mean he whipped out all the greatest hits and made up some new ones. And then yesterday, he’s out there retweeting British anti-Islamic/white supremacist material, material that was without basis in reality. Now since Trump has been in office, he has NEVER taken responsibility or apologized for anything he has said or done and that did not change here. Sarah Sanders dutifully put on her ever increasing volume of warpaint (perhaps to unnerve the press corps) and basically said Trump is right, even when his proof is wrong. Oy vey.

All of it made my spidey senses tingle. I’ve never been fond of the notion that this twat of a president has any clue what he is doing. So many pixels have been wasted positing that Trump is a master of distraction. But the sum total of his miscues and outbursts this week suggested to me that his nerves were frayed about something. There may or may not be a little bird who has seen Mueller’s flop cards whispering in Humperdoo’s ear. This may be causing a bit of mania and rightfully, paranoia. Again, the things he does, says and types unintentionally muddies the water. Put simply, the dude is spazzing out. And the level of spaz might be a hint that trouble is coming…coming for him.

We may yet lose this country, what’s left of it for us normal folks anyway. But Justice, a severe and merciless bitch of a goddess, will not be denied her sacrifice. Maybe we will come out the other side of this caring more about each other after having been lied to and treated so badly by our putative leaders. My hopes are chastened, though. It only took five short years after Nixon left town in disgrace to bring us to Ronald Reagan’s senile reign of error.

We don’t learn from our mistakes here in America. We repeat them, with pride. But for now, let’s celebrate that our modern Caligula, this mad hatter of a misbegotten president is going down soon, hopefully taking his conspirators with him.




Left To The Imagination

OK, Liz Warren, you win.

I think I’ve finally been ground down.

It’s not really the special election losses. We came damn close here in Georgia with Jon Ossoff, even though I knew he wouldn’t win. The only reason that Ossoff had any juice (well, besides the allegations that the election was a referendum on Trump and it became a national campaign as a result) is that he almost cracked 50% and nearly won in the first election against a fractured Republican field.

It’s not the daily thinkpieces about Democratic dithering when it comes to picking hills to put troops on.

It certainly isn’t Greens or Bernie hangers-on that are starting to make sense to me.

There was so much intrigue that caused Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016. Voter suppression, hacking of machines, Russian skulduggery,  the Comey Bomb and good old fashioned American sexism were proximate causes. So hold your horses with the corruption nonsense and the DNC plots etc., ad infinitum.

Since we are a party in the woods, I say it’s time to get the hard left swing out of our system and find out once and for all if Democrats are truly losing elections because they fail to inspire. It’s an experiment whose time is come, since we truly have nothing to lose cause we ain’t got nothin’ at the moment. Perhaps I will be vindicated in recommending a slow hand and creeping gradualism. Or, and I hope this is the case, perhaps I will learn something new about the character of this country. But we will not know the answer unless we try.

Parties are generally heavily change-resistant. There is a hierarchy and a career path to obey, and you don’t usually get your shot by not putting in your time. Let’s think about Sanders for a second. Firstly, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. Secondly, he has done nothing significant within the party machine. And after a brutal slugfest with Barack Obama in 2008 and dutifully serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton deserved that nomination more than anyone. Now I was no Clintonite that season-I thought her followers were off their rockers, and I had to write off several capable bloggers like Taylor Marsh and the folks at Corrente because I couldn’t brook the resentment and the conspiracy, not dissimilar at all to the way I reacted to the Bernie brigades.

But there’s a contemporary hole in this rule about the conservative nature of parties, or so it would seem. Donald Trump showed you could come out of nowhere, go full retard and win. Now of course, the same forces that caused Hillary’s defeat that I outlined above were in play for his victory. Yet, perhaps in his unorthodox win there’s a message to us on the left-that there’s room to move, that people are hungry for rarer species (or, this could simply mean that Republican voters are stone cold stupid-maybe both things are true). There’s certainly no better time than now, when people are having more trouble than ever making ends meet, to tell them that the government is coming to the damn rescue using all available trucks to meet the emergency. That dynamic may be a major factor in Trump’s win-the straightwhitechristianmale supremacist axis is getting out-birthed and out-educated and the people who support that system were looking for a savior, not a politician-and Donald…and it makes me grit my teeth to say this…played the part with aplomb and people bought it.

People are generally panicky in America right now, no matter who they are. A level of responsiveness, immediacy and throwing off of caution could benefit anyone willing to say the right things-and with any luck, carry enough people with them to do the right things. I’m willing to stop the fretting that I have been doing to see if the idealists are actually onto something, and should that gambit fail, I’m gonna riot.

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