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Texas Flood

Holy post hoc to the fucking ergo propter hoc:

Glenn Beck returned from vacation today and noted that upon his return flight back to Texas, he was astonished to see the extent of the flooding that devastated large parts of the state during his absence. After co-host Stu Burguiere mocked the idea that the flooding, or the preceding drought, could in any way be attributed to climate change, Beck noted that it was actually former Gov. Rick Perry’s 2011 prayer proclamation that ended Texas’ drought.

“He was mocked for it and he went ahead and did it and that was the beginning of the end of the drought. We started having rain right after that, and this state was a desert.”

Uh, some of that rain you are speaking of has killed 22 people recently, you numbskull. Was that in the plan? One could argue that Perry caused the drought, if you look at the numbers. On average, about 75% of Texas has stayed in drought perpetually after some rain finally fell that year. Is that a miracle? God sure is a lousy horticulturist. And it took Him 168 days to answer Perry.

Millions of people hang on words like this. Think hard about that.

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