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Christie Caught On Camera

Yesterday I was agape and aghast that Scott Walker tried to get away with saying that he never said anything about the need for a northern border. There’s fucking video of him saying it and he tried to pass it off as some sort of “a joke”. And then he told people to look at the footage to see what he really said. That’s how deluded these numbskulls are. They actually believe in their own bullshit, which makes me wonder if they have some sort of mental condition that allows them to lie like hell in the face of incontrovertible evidence undermining their claims. They really don’t know  that they are being watched by the press and the Internet. They all need to ask Mitt Romney about technology and how everything you say is being recorded.

Chris “Footlong Sub” Christie joins the ranks of conservatives who can’t seem to come to grips with what they say. Maybe they forget because they can’t keep up with their lying, so they have to cover those up with more lies. Mark Twain warned about this. At a recent town hall meeting, Christie tried to shut down a concerned citizen that alleged that he said that humans contribute to CO2 levels because we breathe. A mashup of what he said and what he says he didn’t say is right here:

There it is. You fucking lying shitbird. Folks, stay aware and informed-because the GOP is not just stupid. It’s downright dangerous.

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