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The Continuing Adventures Of Tits McGee

Nevada’s gun totin’, bra-bustin’ Michele Fiore seems to have a desperate need to be in office. She’s always running for something, and usually losing. But thanks to the fact that judgeship elections have little to no public scrutiny, Utah has decided to give Michele the title of Justice of The Peace in some podunk county seat called Pahrump.

Michele hasn’t got a law degree. And beat out seventeen other candidates, most likely much more qualified to sit. There is no requirement for the Justice Of The Peace to have a law degree in Nye County. But Michelle is promising to go to school to get one.

I just have this feeling she isn’t the studying kind. But I could be wrong.

Typically, the Justice Of The Peace has only a handful of duties, adjudicating small claims, dealing with minor infractions, perform marriages, and they can authorize arrests. But can someone with no legal background decide on even these small things? Even a paralegal could do a better job than someone known in politics for her boobs and her gun collection.

Now I know I said that Pahrump was podunk. Well, yes it is, but not by Nevada standards.The county boasts a population of a little over 50,000, and is the largest county in the state. Even my podunk county (not so much a podunk county but a place for middle class whites to flee the suburbs at reasonable prices), Columbia County, Georgia has 160,000 in it. So Michelle will be busy making decisions that change peoples’ lives with nothing but her pretty little head, which has led her to do some really dumb things in the past, as evidenced by the link above.

What was it, County Commissioners? Did you all get a rise out of what she was wearing? Did she have a portfolio of her best poses with guns? Whatever it was, I’m sure you could have done better.

Taking A Ban Over Dumb Shit On Facebook

I suppose I am a bit freewheeling on social media. I never think anything I post is of such an offensive nature such that I should catch a restriction. But I’m on my second strike at Facebook over some bullshit.

The first one was an honest mistake. Like many people, I like to share music on my page and in groups. One day, I was inspired to post some Pixies from Surfer Rosa. It did NOT occur to me at all to be mindful of the cover:

Those teeny tiny tits got IMMEDIATELY noticed and bam, I was in content moderation for weeks in the group I posted it in. I ended up leaving the group because I had to say pretty please to the admin to approve my content thereafter.

I hope WordPress is a little more forgiving and is not considering this pornography. I certainly don’t. That’s more in the realm of art.

Anyway, time passes and I’m still my usual self, cussing and tussling and no one really giving a damn. Then a friend posted a picture of some mosque in Iran:

My simple answer was, “This makes me crave psychedelics”.

That comment sat there a whole week before it got deleted and I caught a ban for posting it. Reason given? That I was violating their standards on the exchange of illicit drugs. That is not what I said at all. I merely said it would be cool to trip my shit in that place. Looking further into Facebook’s community standards, you are not allowed to post anything about illegal substances unless you are seeking help to get treatment for using them.

By the time I had found that last part out, I had already disagreed with their decision. I did not do any of the things I was originally told I was being restricted for. So I was incommunicado for about 24 hours on Facebook.

Here’s what really rubs me the wrong way about Facebook’s community standards. Go try clicking on an ad for CBD sometime. It will not be long before your ad feed is inundated with legal ways to get high. Delta-8. HHC. Links to ibogaine treatment. Suggestions that you should microdose legal mushrooms (microdose being a word that only people who have toyed with drugs would know). And now they’re advertising Delta-9, which, while derived from hemp, is the exact psychoactive substance found in marijuana buds. And many of these ads say you can get a good “high” from them. They even sell books that they explicitly say you should use while you are high, and t-shirts that glorify drugs.

What I am saying, is that Facebook has a total double standard when it comes to getting altered. I can’t say anything, no matter how vague, about a drug that is illegal (which I really didn’t do). But they are free to market to you all sorts of ways to get fucked up that don’t break the law and they heavily promote their use.

I mean yes, I get it-no company wants the DEA to breathe down their neck. But I still don’t think what I said should have gotten me a ban. I don’t know what overzealous geek took notice of that after it had been there for several days, but I think it was an misapplication of the community standards, especially when the damn community hypocritically endorses getting wasted within legal bounds.

Do Not Tell Me To Fucking Smile Unless You Have Entertained Me First

Real quick one.

I can no longer tolerate people who come out of the gate telling me to “SMILE!”

Fuck off. Tell me a joke if you want to see my teeth.

I have been dealing with this for a very long time. I’m just not the fucking smiley type for no goddamn reason. But it does NOT mean that I am unhappy, angry, or in a bad mood.

I happen to have a mood disorder, as some of you know. And I run high almost all of the time. Which probably means I am in a better mood than any person who comes along telling me to “SMILE!”. I am irreverent, always on, only serious when necessary. That is my default setting. I don’t need to use my teeth to be full of fucking mirth. That’s because I can talk and know how to use sarcasm and point out irony and am not afraid to cross a polite boundary. I’m laughing at most of you all of the time on the inside, if you want to know the truth. Really, the only difference between us is that I am an idiot, and you are all grinning idiots. You look crazier than I do, and that’s saying something.

So please, do not tell me what to do with my face. It borders on rudeness.

How would you like it if I told you loudly to “FROWN!”?

It would probably startle you as much as it startles me when you yell “SMILE!”.

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