Daily Archives: August 28, 2007

Still Dumb


‘Lil Lauren Caitlin knows exactly why some Americans don’t know where America is on a map, and she shore knows it ain’t any of her lilywhite BFFs that are contributing to those ritarded stertistics. She’s about as dull as they come, a trained poodle in heels. How many trains will be run on her in her freshman year after too many tooters?

Stupid Liberal Guilt

That’s what made me feel bad for Larry Craig (R-Widestance). I thought the poor fucker was going to just cop to it, but now he’s rescinding his “guilt” and I’ve found him blaming gay liberal hitmen for the scandal, ho ho. He also tried to pull rank on the cop by flashing his Senate business card. Add this to all the work he’s done to dehumanize the GLBT community-projecting his urges upon others and discriminating against other people for his obsessions by passing legislation that makes James Dobson happy, and I say fuck this clown- let him drown in his own poison. I’m thrilled that he’s not satisfied with the damage he has already done by doing such a pathetically transparent about face on his innocence. The wider implications for the GOP’s electability won’t bother me either.

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