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Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train

Rand Paul is in a tough spot. I’d say he’s probably going to be the second candidate in the near future that drops from the Serious Candidate milieu. I think Bush is the next casualty. Nevertheless, Rand is giving it one last shot, and his new motto is “go crazy and GO BIG”:

“Only certain opinions are acceptable on college campus,” Paul told Fox’s Gretchen Carlson. “It’s almost like they’ll put you in prison for challenging the religious dogma on climate change.”

I hate to have to go over this again, but you can’t have an opinion on a fact. Climate change is what it is and pretty much the entire scientific community knows that there is only one conclusion that has any merit. You either believe the fact, or you are a fucking moron who refuses to learn. It’s a very simple equation. You can yell all day that the grass is purple but it doesn’t establish a fact.

What does “almost like they’ll put you in prison” even mean? Isn’t prison…like prison, and there’s really no comparison here to be made?

The libertarian-leaning Republican argued that college students today have “become intolerant and they really have no sense of humor.”

Even more ponderous. Maybe he misses fag and spade jokes or something? Beats the hell out of me what he’s getting at here. Furthermore, climate change is not funny. Even if it weren’t happening, jokes about the weather will probably not circulate long.

If Rand wasn’t already crazy, he is definitely breathing the air of certain other lunatics that I can’t mention lately because they piss me off so much.

Cold Water

I don’t like to throw it, but I know one thing: Bernie Sanders will not be your next president.

I love the guy, but he can’t win. Polls still show that Sanders will not be able to catch up to Hillary Clinton. Nineteen points nationwide, last I checked.

That’s a whole lot of ground to make up. She’s made of Teflon right now; she bested the Benghazi panel and the email trail coughed up a big fat zero. Barring an unlikely debate flop, she’s the winner. The GOP knows she’s the winner. Everybody who is paying attention knows she’s the winner. Somewhere in Bernie Sanders’ brain, he knows it.

Yet still, the Sandernistas continue to grasp at straws. The latest BS headline I’ve seen goes a little like this:

“Sanders outpolls GOP frontrunner Trump and establishment candidate Bush.”

That’s awesome, huh? There’s only one slight problem here; neither of them will be the GOP nominee. Trump has no pull beyond the xenophobic, jingoistic crowd he is courting. And Bush? No one wants another, especially when he can’t debate his way out of a wet paper bag. So it is unsurprising that Bernie wins against them; anyone could beat those two clowns. It’s really Rubio that is worth worrying about. Can he beat him? Can he beat any of the other contestants? Those are questions that need answering.

Bernie beats Trump and Bush. Big whoop. That doesn’t speak to Sanders’ viability at all. But you wouldn’t know that from a lazy story like the one below that headline. It’s a sin of omission to not demonstrate his ability, or inability in this case, to beat more than the weakest general candidates.

Footloose Comes To TV

As I have said before, gay is the new black. I am not saying that the history of violence toward them is similar. But the discrimination is:

It looks as though ABC just decided to shut down the possibility of two male dancers dancing with one another to Who Is Fancy’s new song “Boys Like You,” featuring Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, on an upcoming episode ofDancing With The Stars.

Who Is Fancy’s choreographer had planned on having two men dance together on the show because the song is about two men falling in love with one another.

However, it would seem a producer from Dancing With The Stars got back to the choreographer and said: “Apologies all but this is a definitive no from the network.”

At about what time in this nation’s history are we going to let this sexual apartheid go? I think ABC is making a major miscalculation. No doubt the network is afraid of losing eyeballs and consequently money, but don’t they already have a gay-friendly presence on TV anyway? Modern Family certainly isn’t losing ratings because of its homosexual characters.

Well, it took us until 1967 before we allowed interracial marriage. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I still live in a very backwards society that never, ever lives up to the promises it makes to its denizens.

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