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Clear And Present Danger

I don’t disagree with a word of this.

Hillary Clinton has the sole distinction of being an Establishment candidate. Forget those pikers on the other side; every one of them is a destroyer or is at least acting like one to get elected. And Bernie is an attractive outsider himself, vowing to take down a corrupt system of oligarchs running the country.

It’s not a good time to hold the line on the status quo. I mean, it’s been bad, we’ve got our noses way too far into Middle East business, our economy went berserk, cops keep getting away with murder, people are shooting up shit everywhere.I think what has happened is we’ve finally joined the rest of the world in sharing the day to day crises that befall every nation everywhere you look. It’s actually a fantasy to say that there hasn’t been a day in long remembrance when our soft parts haven’t been exposed and wounded.

But it seems different now. People “want their country back”. Over and over this keeps coming up, and no one knows what it means. They’re all riding on a wave of idealism and cynicism about they way the country is going and where it needs to be. Normally, from the left, I’d be celebrating this new phenomenon, that it’s time to put a hurt on the shadow government, who by the way, hides in plain sight if you follow the money.

Yet: it’s still time to stay the course. For those of us, besides the occasional bitch and gripe about where we live and can weather the pace of change, these elections coming up are alarming. There may be a paucity of support for more of the same, but let’s take the long view; the deliver-the-moon candidates will not survive a vicious general or even be able to govern the way that they’d like. Donald Trump is cooked in the show; Bernie Sanders would be roasted on a spit for being a socialist, no matter how many times he tries to explain what that means.

Eventually, we’ll be left with Our Girl. She’s compromised, but principled enough and will bring us the Senate by offering a comfortable platform for Democratic candidates to run on that doesn’t require half of a rebellion to get elected.


Doctor Irony, Back Again

Mr. Smart Stupid, who is, as I predicted, sleeping his way to obscurity. I called his demise early on, but in all fairness I must admit that I was totally wrong about Donald Trump. I think everybody got Trump totally wrong, so I take cold comfort in that.

Ben Carson normally is full of brain throw-up from listening to too much conservative media. However, sometimes he wanders off the ranch and has what could be called a rational thought, but winds up using his thinky thought to disparage liberals. What is most entertaining about a conservative “thinker” is that he or she could be talking about people just like them. In the bubble, our wingnut is unaware that he is guilty of the same thing that his enemies are. Observe:

Dr. Ben Carson says Republican presidential candidates wouldn’t be calling on deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement to be nominated by the next president if a member of their party currently held the White House.

Asked on WRNN 99.5 FM in South Carolina if his fellow candidates would say the same thing about waiting to nominate a new justice if there was a Republican president, Carson replied, “No, they wouldn’t.”

That actually is Ben Carson, making an adequate observation about the state of our politics at this particular moment in time.

( Note:No one in the Democratic party would act like this. In fact we accuse ourselves of being weak kneed and capitulative. But it is highly unlikely that this kind of stunt Mitch McConnell thinks he’s going to pull would ever occur to Democrats.)

But let’s crank up the irony to 11:

His brain eventually did catch up to his mouth so he added that you have to “recognize that the two picks that the president has selected are ideologues, so there’s really no reason to believe that his next pick wouldn’t be an ideologue also.”

I’m sorry. Was I myself sleeping when Ben Carson was not an ideologue? If anyone qualifies for being an ideologue it is Mr. Smart Stupid. Dictionary, please:


  • someone who very strongly supports and is guided by the ideology of a particular group
  • an often blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology

I’m not even going to comb the net in the most cursory fashion finding places where Ben Carson is caught being an ideologue. He opens his mouth and he’s an ideologue. By calling other people ideologues he’s being one. His pants have fallen down and he’s pointing out a crooked crease in someone else’s.

Forget this boob. I wrote him off a few months back. But sometimes, when these people are not pissing me off, they’re hilarious.


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