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It Never Ends

I’ve liked Steve Benen for years. I thought the Carpetbagger Report. was smart, informative and funny. Now he has a bitchin’ gig producing Rachel Maddow.

I should just give up. Everybody who was anybody in what used to be the “blogosphere” has gotten paying gigs writing internet journalism. I wrote a little for Roger Ailes, who now sadly posts maybe once a month. I got Jeff Goldstein to chew me out once. And I got Mark Steyn’s attention once because he used to post the negative commentary he endgendered.

So there are my purple hearts for this thing that I’ve been doing for well nigh over 15 years ago. I’m nobody. I try to do my bloggy best. I say fuck a lot, which will banish me from polite commentary and usually post things that really upset me. My targets are invariably about the aggravating grip Christians think they have on this melting pot, or about dangerous and laughable politicians. Sometimes those two things intersect, and I am doubly blessed.

Anyway, what was I saying about Steve Benen? Yes. He writes a little for the Maddow blog, and one of my favorite things he does is accumulate stories involving religious crazies. He calls this collection of observances “This Week In God”. I have a good laugh, and steal his material and put it here so you can enjoy it too.

Tom Cotton is a fucking maniac delusional cocksucker. His crimes can be found here; there are too many stupid things he has said to list here. So what’s going on with Senator Cotton these days?

Last fall, a variety of Republican leaders and presidential candidates suggested a refugee policy in which the United States favored Christians, but not Muslims, fleeing ISIS and Syria’s civil war. ThinkProgress noted this week, however, that one GOP senator has taken the extra step of introducing federal legislation related to the idea.

In an interview with radio host Kevin Miller on Tuesday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke about his new bill to make it much easier for Christians and other religious minorities fleeing ISIS-related violence to resettle in the United States.

“I think the U.S. has a moral imperative to try and save these Christians and the other small minority groups,” he said. “So I would create a special kind of visa program that wouldn’t take any access away from anyone else in the United States, but would recognize that Christians – like Jews in the Soviet Union – are being singled out for persecution and elimination. That’s in our interest, as it is in combating the Islamic State.”

That’s a sitting member of Congress, who can’t figure out what church and state separation means. Tom is free as a bird to just blah blah God blah blah on the floor if he likes, but we’re not in the business of choosing what kind of religion a person has to have to gain a foothold in America. For all the bleating they do about walking the path to citizenship…and then this guys says Christians can jump to the front of the line is as odious as it is asinine.

Cotton’s bill, introduced this week, does not yet have any co-sponsors

It’s a good thing no one really listens to Tom Cotton. Lord knows he’s provided me a bunch of opportunities to lay out his batshit ideas. Thanks, and fuck you, dude.

Back To The Suck

I like President Obama most of the time. But I do not approve of him slowly sinking more troops into the Iraqi’s battle against ISIS. We lost two soldiers yesterday at a forward base.

I would very much like to be out of Iraq. I think the president tried as best he could to stop that foolishness. But whoever takes his place is probably going to escalate the ISIS crisis( although in the unlikely event that Bernie Sanders wins that will probably not happen).

Make no mistake: ISIS is a frightening group of people to tango with. Not only are they a fierce army, they are not afraid to use terror as a weapon to spread their tendrils. Their ambitions appear to be primarily local, unless you can count things like San Bernardino and Brussels. International terrorism will never really be wiped out so long as someone is hungry for power and has a cause to die for. We can try to slow its growth, using new anti-terror methods(and dubious ones too: see Guantanamo Bay).

I don’t think there is any rational answer to forces like ISIS and Boko Haram. Short of invading countries and losing thousands of soldier’s lives, we have to do what we can within the bounds of the law(and not surveil Muslim neighborhoods, Ted Cruz). We simply can’t give in to fear by being extreme; I don’t want things like Japanese internment. I don’t want waterboarding and torture to the point of insanity.

As I said, in the end escalation is likely to become policy, the commanders in chief finding no other alternative to beating thse sick fucks. America is getting ready to bleed again.

Are we ready? Is our coalition ready to die for innocents this time, instead of oil? Do we have to destroy the village to save it once again? Time will tell.

Mental Parental

I’m totally against homeschooling. There is no parent that can do the job of a professional educator. There is no substitute for the socializing of a child in this matter. I hated school. We all did, but we went anyway. It was where we belonged for 8 hours. It was our job. But we did fun things like play sports, start clubs, go get pizza, or smoke dope on the back stairs. Your options were limitless.

I think homeschooling is a form of cruelty, a way for you to shield your child from the regular world simply because you are afraid of it and don’t understand it.

Legislators in some states have such lax laws about homeschooling that the school doesn’t have to be notified that the child is not registering. There’s no oversight of the process.

And should it surprise any sicko would use the homeschooling  system to torture and kill children?

While it doesn’t speak for the majority of homeschooled children, there are some who become victims of daily abuse, and even death, at the hands of their parents who use the system to sneak under the radar. 

In January, Jacole Prince, a mother from Kansas City, Missouri, was sentenced to 34 years in prison for abusing her oldest daughter.

The 10-year-old was rescued from a locked closet, located inside the family’s apartment. At the time of her rescue, the girl fit into toddler-size clothing, weighed just 32 pounds and had marks on her body that indicated she was physically abused.


In October of last year, the body of Janiya Thomas, 10, was found in a freezer, located inside her mother’s Florida home. 

Nice. The fucking state, parish or county that these things happen in should be fined and found guilty of negligence.Furthermore, we’re creating a generation of ignoramuses. Federalizing school participation needs to happen now before any one else is having their education jeopardized-the results can be deadly.



Hungry Freaks, Daddy

Here’s another oh-so inclusive activity from a school in Missouri: surfaced of evangelical pastors leading students in prayer in Hollister, Missouri during lunchtime in the school cafeteria.

As it turns out, school officials actually allow this a few times a week, and the Christian group that proselytizes to the students is the only religious group that has been allowed to interact with students on public ground that is supposed to be secular.

Why, Christians? Just why? What makes you so special that makes you think this is OK?

…(the) goal is to indoctrinate kids into Christianity at a young age, because as Branson Junior High Principal Bryan Bronn said in 2014,

“Somebody once told me that if you wanted to reach students and you wanted to be serious about being, as Jesus called us to be, fishers of men, then you need to be serious about where the fish are at. And we all know that fish travel in… schools.”

Wow. You just cherry-pick a shiny thing in your book of fairy tales, and you think it means to teach children how to be little Christians. You’re not cute, and you’re not amusing. You’re a pest, and so are all the rest of you Christians to think it’s OK to infringe upon the rights of a child with a conscience. Because they have them. You may be the majority faith, but you are not the only one and it’s very uncool to assume that everyone is.

Video of the prayer is at the link, as is a takedown of Bristol Palin.



On Inclusion

My kid’s baseball coach prays with the team after each practice and game. They all get in a huddle and hold hands while Mr.P intones the dumb kind of prayer that causes people to say “Yes, Lord” while he prays for the boys. My kid doesn’t even know to take his batting helmet off while they do their prayers. He just looks at me beyond the fence, and I know he feels ridiculous.

And, if I say something, he will be excluded. Because Mr.P isn’t going to stop his prayer-he’ll let my kid go home and every goddamned kid on that team now knows that Walter is different. I think it sucks and I barely know what to do. It’s county sanctioned ball, so I wonder if this is a freedom from religion case that I can pursue.

Well, that’s all depressing. I found some good news, that a New York planning board has cut the shit with saying the pledge of allegiance before it opens for business, and for all the right reasons:

The officials on the Planning Board in New Paltz, New York decided this week that they would no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance at meetings. It was a 4-3 vote to eliminate it.

This did not sit well with the god crowd:

We either have a country, or we don’t. It’s shocking that an elected official won’t take the 15 seconds required to put their hand over their heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance,” [Andrew Heaney, a Republican candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional District] said.

Pray tell, how does not saying some bullshit equate to us “losing our country”?

Cooler heads prevailed:

“The reason I voted for us not to begin meetings with it is because a few members on the planning board felt strongly that they did not want to recite the pledge, and they didn’t want to be put in a position where they were sort of branded or singled out at every meeting,” said board member Michael Zierler.

If only my kid’s coach could see how freedom of conscience works.

Call It What It Is

Jerry Coyne for the win:


Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

Ever been poor before?

Ever wondered how you were going to make food and rent?

I bet that’s a lot of you. All three of you have probably needed assistance at some point in the past. I know I couldn’t have gotten by without food stamps long ago.

Every government’s objective should be to serve its citizens, not to screw them over. But time and time again government does the latter. It likes to legislate your morality. It makes you feel less of a person. Much of government already hews to these tenets of faith which say that poor people’s lives don’t matter.

You would think that the idea is to prevent poverty. But it’s not that simple. It’s about humiliating them more than they are already humiliated. Does anyone honestly think that it’s fun to be poor? That TANF doesn’t even cover basic rent? No let’s take it ALL away so their lives are as miserable as possible. Never mind that they pay taxes just like anyone else.

There’s a fuckball named Sam Brownback in Kansas who thinks it’s a great idea to make the poor really feel poor to save money. It’s a typical Republican refrain-we can balance the budget by denying services, even though benefits are a fraction of their actual balance sheet. They do this by promoting “bootstrap” ideas that restrict the poor’s movement. It’s all fatuous bullshit, from governing individuals have not grown out of their love for “Atlas Shrugged”.

Brownback is in real trouble right now. His voodoo economics have blown a hole in the Kansas budget. I don’t even think it’s about trickle down anymore. The sieve from which benefits and services emanate for the indigent is clogged with rhetorical wet flour. It’s fuck the poor and fuck them some more. See, in this country, we want our poor to literally disappear-they are an affront to a polite society, and blaming them every chance they get for the larger society’s ills is the name of the game.

Shove Your Beliefs Up Your Ass

A while back, I wrote about an Oklahoma bill that would require clergy to sign off on all marriages.

Everyone knows that it was the backlash to Obergfell. But that bill didn’t just take a giant shit on gays, some of its splatter could have easily hit atheist couples.

Now it’s Kentucky’s turn to be motherfuckers in the same vein:

 New legislation in Kentucky would allow those with “sincerely held religious beliefs” to discriminate against atheists.

The new legislation is designed to allow conservative Christians to discriminate against same-sex couples without fear of legal consequence; however, the legislation is so broad and so poorly written that it would allow discrimination against gays, atheists, interracial couples, interfaith couples, and anyone else that is offensive to a person’s “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

SB 180, titled “An Act Relating to the Protection of Rights,” creates a statewide group of “protected activities” and “protected activity providers” to afford immunity from any federal or state laws

In other words, interracial couples, atheists, LGBT people and others can be denied services by businesses and the government for religious reasons even though federal law explicitly forbids discrimination.

Stay vigilant, gang, because they are trying to drag us back to an era that they romanticize, an era that hid its sickness, that hated change, and was nice and white and heteronormative and Christian. Vote like your life depended on it, freaks- because if you read this blog and know me, it does.



Laugh Of The Day


Which Comes First: Mental Illness Or Religion?

One may or may not cause the other, but both of them together often produces a tragedy:

A Muslim nanny, accused of decapitating a baby girl in her care and brandishing her severed head outside a metro station in Russia, smiled at the cameras after confessing that Allah ordered her to carry out the heinous act.

 In pictures that shocked the world, the hijab-wearing woman was seen strutting the streets of Moscow with the severed head of Nastya Meshcheryakova in her hands for as long as an hour until the police finally arrived at the scene and detained her.

According to witnesses, Bobokulova shouted in the street, “I hate democracy. I am a terrorist. I want you dead. You have become so hardened, you have eliminated so many of us. Look, I am a suicide bomber. I will die. Doomsday will come in a second,” before pulling out the baby’s severed head from a red bag and swaying it in front of the entrance to the metro station.

Bobokulova’s appearance in court came a day after police officials revealed that the nanny kept her schizophrenia a secret after a bitter divorce led to her being homeless.

I don’t want to give the impression that her faith did that. No faith tells you to kill children (the Bible does come close, though-you won’t find it in the Koran). What I find more interesting is how the mentally ill use religion to justify what they do when they lose their fucking minds like this disgusting bitch did. In this sense, they are intertwined. Is it guilt by association? You be the judge.



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