Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

Ever been poor before?

Ever wondered how you were going to make food and rent?

I bet that’s a lot of you. All three of you have probably needed assistance at some point in the past. I know I couldn’t have gotten by without food stamps long ago.

Every government’s objective should be to serve its citizens, not to screw them over. But time and time again government does the latter. It likes to legislate your morality. It makes you feel less of a person. Much of government already hews to these tenets of faith which say that poor people’s lives don’t matter.

You would think that the idea is to prevent poverty. But it’s not that simple. It’s about humiliating them more than they are already humiliated. Does anyone honestly think that it’s fun to be poor? That TANF doesn’t even cover basic rent? No let’s take it ALL away so their lives are as miserable as possible. Never mind that they pay taxes just like anyone else.

There’s a fuckball named Sam Brownback in Kansas who thinks it’s a great idea to make the poor really feel poor to save money. It’s a typical Republican refrain-we can balance the budget by denying services, even though benefits are a fraction of their actual balance sheet. They do this by promoting “bootstrap” ideas that restrict the poor’s movement. It’s all fatuous bullshit, from governing individuals have not grown out of their love for “Atlas Shrugged”.

Brownback is in real trouble right now. His voodoo economics have blown a hole in the Kansas budget. I don’t even think it’s about trickle down anymore. The sieve from which benefits and services emanate for the indigent is clogged with rhetorical wet flour. It’s fuck the poor and fuck them some more. See, in this country, we want our poor to literally disappear-they are an affront to a polite society, and blaming them every chance they get for the larger society’s ills is the name of the game.

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