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So This Is What I Have To Do To Get Your Attention

I suddenly find myself relatively popular yesterday and today.

All I did was whip out an old chestnut upon learning of her death. It’s not polite to speak ill of the recently deceased, but Wonkette was the original poster of the gossip that Nancy Reagan Did Hollywood. I wonder if it is the story that interests you, or is it the fact that I said things like cocksucker and blowjob?

I’m going to perform a little experiment. I’m going to insert those words into the next few posts and I will see if my stats improve, regardless of the subject matter. I will also tag them. Then we will see if you just have a dirty mind or a real interest in what I bring to you.

I’m banking that you have sick minds. Because I’m more or less a bottom feeder, one of many tiliapia and catfishes in the blog world. I know this. I know I don’t spend enough time doing this. I’ve done much better. Lord knows I have done much worse, when I was ill.

Nevertheless, I want to see where people’s heads are at. Maybe we can separate this Nancy story from the act itself. I leave you with pictures.


I wouldn’t refuse.

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