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Gun Play

I do not think we are headed for a civil war. Nor do I think that the government is going to rescind any part of the Bill Of Rights to impose martial law.

In other words, I’m a Democrat.

I do happen to believe we live in a soft police state, and we are too distracted and atomized to do much about it. Whatever chance we had to stop it from happening, that time is past.

So I don’t give a fat shit about arming myself. I served in the US Army many moons ago, and I can tell you that your little pissant militias are not going to stop that juggernaut. Just forget it.

But that doesn’t stop retarded rednecks from gathering their little toys in case of an insurrection. But savvy this-did you know that seven states in the union have a “state gun”? Like the state bird or the state flower. And this is a very young phenomenon-the first state gun declared was in 2011, no doubt in response to the jig in the White House.

Take a look at this, the state weapon of Tennessee:


That’s a 50 caliber machine gun, not dissimilar from the guns that are used for rotation turrets on military vehicles.

There is no reason to own this weapon unless you are going to a war. It’s not suitable for target practice. Sure, it may give you a thrill when you feel the power behind it. It’s much like buying a Corvette or a Ferrari-you love the action, but you can’t really open her up.

I’m personally stunned that this is in someone’s private stock of weaponry. It’s just fucking stupid. I am equally stunned that states encourage people to have one. We’ve gone too far with the current reading of the Second. At this point, we should be taking back our country from the loons that brandish these weapons.

All seven of you states go on the quarantine list. Most of you have already been contained, but Pennsylvania, I’m very disappointed in you.



Evidently I Am Still Going To Pick On Ben Carson

Pretty please? I promise this might be the last time.

Dr. Carson let fly a flurry of metaphors recently that may actually top Sarah Palin for incoherence. He said this about his race thus far:

“I believe that things are starting to happen here,” Carson told supporters Tuesday evening after trailing Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the Silver State. “I know the pundits and the political press, they want to call everything, they say it’s all done, it’s all over, we may as well go home and do the coronation now. But you know what? I believe that they’re wrong.”

Belief is a powerful thing. But beware; it can put you on the path to perdition. Believing rarely makes anything true. He continued, and this is where it gets golden:

“It’s just a matter of time before [people] start demanding answers, and they start demanding solutions because right now we’re sort of in the ancient Rome stage where everyone wanted to go to the Coliseum, ‘Oh, bring on the lions and tigers, let’s see them eat the eagle. This is cool.’ While Rome was burning.” 

“But we have a bunch of fire extinguishers, we are going to put the fire out and put the fire in our bellies,” he said. 

What. Does. Any. Of. That. Even. Mean.

I told you he was sleeping. This is the kind of stuff I mumble when I am asleep sometimes. My wife tells me what I was going on about and we have a good laugh.

I’m not running for president, though. Go bed-bye, Ben.



Clear And Present Danger

I don’t disagree with a word of this.

Hillary Clinton has the sole distinction of being an Establishment candidate. Forget those pikers on the other side; every one of them is a destroyer or is at least acting like one to get elected. And Bernie is an attractive outsider himself, vowing to take down a corrupt system of oligarchs running the country.

It’s not a good time to hold the line on the status quo. I mean, it’s been bad, we’ve got our noses way too far into Middle East business, our economy went berserk, cops keep getting away with murder, people are shooting up shit everywhere.I think what has happened is we’ve finally joined the rest of the world in sharing the day to day crises that befall every nation everywhere you look. It’s actually a fantasy to say that there hasn’t been a day in long remembrance when our soft parts haven’t been exposed and wounded.

But it seems different now. People “want their country back”. Over and over this keeps coming up, and no one knows what it means. They’re all riding on a wave of idealism and cynicism about they way the country is going and where it needs to be. Normally, from the left, I’d be celebrating this new phenomenon, that it’s time to put a hurt on the shadow government, who by the way, hides in plain sight if you follow the money.

Yet: it’s still time to stay the course. For those of us, besides the occasional bitch and gripe about where we live and can weather the pace of change, these elections coming up are alarming. There may be a paucity of support for more of the same, but let’s take the long view; the deliver-the-moon candidates will not survive a vicious general or even be able to govern the way that they’d like. Donald Trump is cooked in the show; Bernie Sanders would be roasted on a spit for being a socialist, no matter how many times he tries to explain what that means.

Eventually, we’ll be left with Our Girl. She’s compromised, but principled enough and will bring us the Senate by offering a comfortable platform for Democratic candidates to run on that doesn’t require half of a rebellion to get elected.


Doctor Irony, Back Again

Mr. Smart Stupid, who is, as I predicted, sleeping his way to obscurity. I called his demise early on, but in all fairness I must admit that I was totally wrong about Donald Trump. I think everybody got Trump totally wrong, so I take cold comfort in that.

Ben Carson normally is full of brain throw-up from listening to too much conservative media. However, sometimes he wanders off the ranch and has what could be called a rational thought, but winds up using his thinky thought to disparage liberals. What is most entertaining about a conservative “thinker” is that he or she could be talking about people just like them. In the bubble, our wingnut is unaware that he is guilty of the same thing that his enemies are. Observe:

Dr. Ben Carson says Republican presidential candidates wouldn’t be calling on deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement to be nominated by the next president if a member of their party currently held the White House.

Asked on WRNN 99.5 FM in South Carolina if his fellow candidates would say the same thing about waiting to nominate a new justice if there was a Republican president, Carson replied, “No, they wouldn’t.”

That actually is Ben Carson, making an adequate observation about the state of our politics at this particular moment in time.

( Note:No one in the Democratic party would act like this. In fact we accuse ourselves of being weak kneed and capitulative. But it is highly unlikely that this kind of stunt Mitch McConnell thinks he’s going to pull would ever occur to Democrats.)

But let’s crank up the irony to 11:

His brain eventually did catch up to his mouth so he added that you have to “recognize that the two picks that the president has selected are ideologues, so there’s really no reason to believe that his next pick wouldn’t be an ideologue also.”

I’m sorry. Was I myself sleeping when Ben Carson was not an ideologue? If anyone qualifies for being an ideologue it is Mr. Smart Stupid. Dictionary, please:


  • someone who very strongly supports and is guided by the ideology of a particular group
  • an often blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology

I’m not even going to comb the net in the most cursory fashion finding places where Ben Carson is caught being an ideologue. He opens his mouth and he’s an ideologue. By calling other people ideologues he’s being one. His pants have fallen down and he’s pointing out a crooked crease in someone else’s.

Forget this boob. I wrote him off a few months back. But sometimes, when these people are not pissing me off, they’re hilarious.


Filling The Shoes Of A Fool

Sorry, folks but Antonin Scalia was a fatuous, human size grub who has forestalled any progress the United States was capable of in his career. He was an originalist who probably would’ve voted against Dred Scott because there was nothing in the Constitution about slaves being property.

His position, if it wasn’t there, and the intent wasn’t behind it, he opposed it. Some of you may think this is a good idea. Other sentient beings understood that it is a living document, chock full of the rights of the people. The main of jurisprudence is built on this idea. Oh, sure, it fails sometimes, but on the whole constitutional law eventually breaks for the will of the people.


Antonin Scalia was the foremost enemy of progress. Clarence Thomas doesn’t count or rate because he never speaks, a useless conservative cipher, a rubber stamp against the anything positive. It’s a shame whenever people die, but I for one will not miss his presence on the court, at the very least.

So now we will have to have split decisions on anything that comes before the court because President Obama, who was elected to a second term of four years, should not be allowed to pick a replacement. I told you they are anarchists; they do nothing but destroy. Hell, that’s probably complimenting them too much, because it doesn’t look like they want to do anything except repeal Obamacare every two weeks.

It’s going to be a real rollercoaster ride. Republicans may think running out the clock is a good strategy, but they are assuming something that may prove fatal to their obstruction; that they will win the White House. One thing they are not taking into account is the inevitability of a new Democratic president named Hillary Clinton who will have coattails big enough to take the Senate back from these failures.



Water Works

Boy, Donald Trump has dragged the GOP thru the dung-riddled mud. They’re trying to outconservative each other. If Donald Trump says this:

Trump reiterated his pledge to reintroduce the technique if elected: “We have people chopping the heads off Christians, we have people chopping the heads off many other people,” Trump said. “Not since medieval times have we seen what’s going on. I would bring back waterboarding, and I would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”

So much for the 8th amendment.But I suspect that Donald hasn’t read the Constitution. He doesn’t have to. His supporters probably haven’t either, so why would he bother with a discussion? What does Donald Trump mean when he says a hell of a lot more? I would like to see how far he takes it. Because it is already a matter of public record that we are allowed to do what we want as long as we don’t scratch anyone up. I guess the Donald wants to bring back thumbscrews and the catherine wheel, because we’ve already gone medieval on our detainees.

Why the pining to act like beasts? What kind of mind rot does it take to call for more torture of our helpless detainees? We have enough blood on our hands even if we didn’t torture. We’ve displaced millions and leveled historic cities.

Anyway, he’s got other candidates to call for the same thing:

Trump was out-brutalizing Cruz, who said he would only use waterboarding sparingly, in emergency scenarios. Cruz, however, still denied that waterboarding constitutes torture, appearing to rely on Bush lawyer John Yoo’s discredited definition of the term.

Like climate science, Republicans arbitrarily deny anything that sounds Bad to its retarded misanthropes.

Rubio, not to be outshined, vomited this up:

Rubio also backed waterboarding, saying that terrorism cases should not be held to the same humane legal standards of traditional law enforcement.

Time to check the Geneva Conventions, asshole. I know you’ve all tried like hell to put enemy combatants into a legal black hole, but it’s just wrong and once again is contrary to our Constitution. We are a better nation when we treat our prisoners like we would treat our fellow citizen.

One must ask: why the obsession with this technique? Why does this torture tactic arouse tumescence in conservatives? Beats me. You can ask anyone who’s been in SERE training that it’s a horror not easily recovered from. Its use makes us a gruesome nation. I’ll just let the late Christopher Hitchens show and tell you whether or not this shit is torture.







The Difference Between Metropolis And Flyover Country

About weeks ago, I was losing my shit about a lawmaker in Oklahoma who wanted to ban LGBT-friendly counseling to troubled students.

I was very mad. I went on a tirade about Christian (lack of)values. They are truly hurting people and using their seats of power to do it.What should I expect? She’s a conservative, which posits that we will be better off by turning back the clock and revisit a time that never really was. Today’s modern Republicans want nothing more than a militarized authoritarian theocracy.

Well, we got enough problems already with the fight between capitalism and socialism(which are not mutually exclusive, mind you). So you can wait your turn to fuck the American people in the ass.

And there I go again, getting off track. Off the soapbox I go.

I wanted to illustrate the fight over sexual values. There’s this theocratic twat in Okie-homa:

no public school “counselor, therapist, social worker, administrator, teacher or other individual” will be allowed to refer anyone under 18 to any person or organization if the referral “pertain[s] to human sexuality.”

Then we go to New York:

New York state will bar health insurance coverage of therapy aimed at changing the sexual or gender orientation of young people, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday, decrying the practice as “misguided” and “intolerant.”

Top U.S. health officials have long discredited so-called “conversion therapy,” saying attempts to change lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth are unethical and often harmful.

“Conversion therapy is a hateful and fundamentally flawed practice that is counter to everything this state stands for,” Cuomo said in a statement. “We will not allow the misguided and the intolerant to punish LGBT young people for simply being who they are.”

The difference could not be starker.

This is the 70s and early 80s all over again, where they re-closeted gay folk. It’s a crying shame. New York gets it right. Oklahoma, if your’e not on my quarantine list, there you shall go.



Throwing The ‘Book

I’m on a Facebook strike again.

The food pictures, the location-marking, the memes, it’s all got to go. Your friends are devolving into boring mush…at least when I was insane, I was entertaining. This type of crazy I’m talking about is the crazy of middling, where if anyone were honest with themselves about who they have become would stick a pistol in their mouth.

Hell, I bore myself. I shouldn’t add to that collective pain that urges us to be noticed.

So begins my Facebook fast-how long it will go on, I do not know. I may only last days, but I hope to get a few months in. I don’t even use it right-I have blocked so many annoying people that all I get constantly is the borderline psychosis of magazines like Salon, who don’t like editors.

This means I will be blogging some more. Hooray for my one constant reader!  For now, I will just do some more railing against religion and making fun of politicians who piss me off. Just like I did with Facebook…I just don’t want to be constantly tweaking the nose of what’s left of the hollowed out shells I call(ed) friends. Here, you have a choice-you even get to tell me off when I am wrong-which is against good FB etiquette, and a good as reason as any to get the hell off it since no one says what they really think.

Facebook delenda est! Let’s have a conversation, a good one.


Church Lady

We need to have a reckoning with our gun laws. They kill a lot of people, and that’s all a gun does. I’m appalled at the carnage these tools dole out. Countless gun owners have done a good job shooting themselves and their loved ones. Kids get into their parent’s guns and shoot their siblings. Unstable people shoot dozens of people with ease. Police shoot innocent people all the time. It’s the gun, you dumb motherfuckers, that makes all this death possible.

This is not the purpose of bearing arms. Now I know there is a court decision contravening what I’m saying, but our gun owners do not constitute a well-regulated militia. They’re the furthest thing from being disciplined.

One lawmaker has an answer to the crisis: God. Of course.

“It is the soul that is corrupt and how we get back to a moral rebirth in this country, I don’t know,” Allen told the state’s appropriations committee on Tuesday, who didn’t really ask. Her idea is that guns don’t kill people, blackened souls kill people.

Ah, but that gobbledegook isn’t the kicker. Wait for it…

“We are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity that we have. We should probably be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth,” Allen added.

What is she trying to say? Because I’m not a gun owner, and never will be. You can get fucked if you tell me to go to church because the very rights that I don’t exercise and rights you want to protect are literally killing this country.

How about you just send the armed? Because of all people, they could stand to use a little restraint. And clergy, please devote some time to things like locking your guns up and perhaps throw a little weapons cleaning lesson in there.

So: more guns, more God. I live in the most fucked up place and time.




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