Gun Play

I do not think we are headed for a civil war. Nor do I think that the government is going to rescind any part of the Bill Of Rights to impose martial law.

In other words, I’m a Democrat.

I do happen to believe we live in a soft police state, and we are too distracted and atomized to do much about it. Whatever chance we had to stop it from happening, that time is past.

So I don’t give a fat shit about arming myself. I served in the US Army many moons ago, and I can tell you that your little pissant militias are not going to stop that juggernaut. Just forget it.

But that doesn’t stop retarded rednecks from gathering their little toys in case of an insurrection. But savvy this-did you know that seven states in the union have a “state gun”? Like the state bird or the state flower. And this is a very young phenomenon-the first state gun declared was in 2011, no doubt in response to the jig in the White House.

Take a look at this, the state weapon of Tennessee:


That’s a 50 caliber machine gun, not dissimilar from the guns that are used for rotation turrets on military vehicles.

There is no reason to own this weapon unless you are going to a war. It’s not suitable for target practice. Sure, it may give you a thrill when you feel the power behind it. It’s much like buying a Corvette or a Ferrari-you love the action, but you can’t really open her up.

I’m personally stunned that this is in someone’s private stock of weaponry. It’s just fucking stupid. I am equally stunned that states encourage people to have one. We’ve gone too far with the current reading of the Second. At this point, we should be taking back our country from the loons that brandish these weapons.

All seven of you states go on the quarantine list. Most of you have already been contained, but Pennsylvania, I’m very disappointed in you.



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