Evidently I Am Still Going To Pick On Ben Carson

Pretty please? I promise this might be the last time.

Dr. Carson let fly a flurry of metaphors recently that may actually top Sarah Palin for incoherence. He said this about his race thus far:

“I believe that things are starting to happen here,” Carson told supporters Tuesday evening after trailing Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the Silver State. “I know the pundits and the political press, they want to call everything, they say it’s all done, it’s all over, we may as well go home and do the coronation now. But you know what? I believe that they’re wrong.”

Belief is a powerful thing. But beware; it can put you on the path to perdition. Believing rarely makes anything true. He continued, and this is where it gets golden:

“It’s just a matter of time before [people] start demanding answers, and they start demanding solutions because right now we’re sort of in the ancient Rome stage where everyone wanted to go to the Coliseum, ‘Oh, bring on the lions and tigers, let’s see them eat the eagle. This is cool.’ While Rome was burning.” 

“But we have a bunch of fire extinguishers, we are going to put the fire out and put the fire in our bellies,” he said. 

What. Does. Any. Of. That. Even. Mean.

I told you he was sleeping. This is the kind of stuff I mumble when I am asleep sometimes. My wife tells me what I was going on about and we have a good laugh.

I’m not running for president, though. Go bed-bye, Ben.



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