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The Shy Narcissus

I don’t spend a whole lot of time listening to Donald Trump. Sometimes I see loops of his rallies and I am half hopeful that he secures the nomination, because he’s completely out of his depth and doesn’t really know anything about politics. The other half of me is sad for what America looks like to the civilized world.  Even George W. Bush, for all his doofiness, was able to read something off a blowjob teleprompter and at least sound presidential. Sad because our country could elect a fraud.

So you see his rallies, full of his worshippers, right? But one thing you don’t see is Trump engaging the press at all. Every damn time he gets air, it’s over the phone.

Why? Is he afraid of being cornered by hardball? That would be my guess. But he has a lame excuse for not doing facetime:

On Tuesday morning, Republican front runner Donald Trump was supposed to go on several television appearances, but wimped out at the last minute and decided to do audio interviews instead. The reason for this sudden change of heart? He just didn’t feel pretty enough.

CNN Money reported that Trump was scheduled to appear on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and MSNBC, but told all the networks that he was experiencing “technical difficulties” on his end and begged them to let him do the interview over the phone instead.

According to someone who heard Trump refuse an on-camera interview, Trump needs to be a little more careful when he spews flat-out lies:

“He didn’t like the shot. But he didn’t realize that his microphone was on for everyone to hear.”

The source reported that Trump said, “I don’t like the way I look. Just tell them there’s technical issues.”

Is this little bitch running for president? Really?

Squeaky Clean

Let me be clear: I am not a fan of Israel.

To establish it required the forcible removal of its native inhabitants when it was called Palestine. They’re going to go out like our Indians did; moved, moved again until there is barely any place to move to. Israelis acted like terrorists to wrest the land from its colonial occupiers, displaced nearly a million frightened Palestinians in the war that followed Jewish independence, nullified their right to return home, and turned a blind eye to bloody massacres of Muslims.

I suggest that if this was happening to you, you’d fight back. Nastily, heedlessly, you’d do anything to remove an occupier from our soil. You’d bust out your little pea shooters and get them to leave. I excuse Palestine for wanting this irritant of a country out of its collective hair. There’s more going on here than meets the eye: it isn’t just removal that is so ugly. It is, as is going to be the case more and more often as blowjob climate change does its own removal, about resources. The Israelis are short on freshwater, and Palestine is getting in the way of its use of it.

I used to think to myself, “Well, the average Israeli wants peace with the Palestinians, it’s just that their government sucks.” A new poll suggests otherwise. My blind spot was not realizing that the reason why their government is so ruthlessly anti-Palestinian is that regular Israelis voted them in.

Folks, the two-state solution is way far in the rearview. There’s no way it was ever going to work anyway because Palestine does not have contiguous land. Further and further, the Arabs will get shoved into the ghettos of Gaza, with the Jews not remembering a thing about why they wound up in Palestine in the first place.


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