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Mental Parental

I’m totally against homeschooling. There is no parent that can do the job of a professional educator. There is no substitute for the socializing of a child in this matter. I hated school. We all did, but we went anyway. It was where we belonged for 8 hours. It was our job. But we did fun things like play sports, start clubs, go get pizza, or smoke dope on the back stairs. Your options were limitless.

I think homeschooling is a form of cruelty, a way for you to shield your child from the regular world simply because you are afraid of it and don’t understand it.

Legislators in some states have such lax laws about homeschooling that the school doesn’t have to be notified that the child is not registering. There’s no oversight of the process.

And should it surprise any sicko would use the homeschooling  system to torture and kill children?

While it doesn’t speak for the majority of homeschooled children, there are some who become victims of daily abuse, and even death, at the hands of their parents who use the system to sneak under the radar. 

In January, Jacole Prince, a mother from Kansas City, Missouri, was sentenced to 34 years in prison for abusing her oldest daughter.

The 10-year-old was rescued from a locked closet, located inside the family’s apartment. At the time of her rescue, the girl fit into toddler-size clothing, weighed just 32 pounds and had marks on her body that indicated she was physically abused.


In October of last year, the body of Janiya Thomas, 10, was found in a freezer, located inside her mother’s Florida home. 

Nice. The fucking state, parish or county that these things happen in should be fined and found guilty of negligence.Furthermore, we’re creating a generation of ignoramuses. Federalizing school participation needs to happen now before any one else is having their education jeopardized-the results can be deadly.



Hungry Freaks, Daddy

Here’s another oh-so inclusive activity from a school in Missouri:

...video surfaced of evangelical pastors leading students in prayer in Hollister, Missouri during lunchtime in the school cafeteria.

As it turns out, school officials actually allow this a few times a week, and the Christian group that proselytizes to the students is the only religious group that has been allowed to interact with students on public ground that is supposed to be secular.

Why, Christians? Just why? What makes you so special that makes you think this is OK?

…(the) goal is to indoctrinate kids into Christianity at a young age, because as Branson Junior High Principal Bryan Bronn said in 2014,

“Somebody once told me that if you wanted to reach students and you wanted to be serious about being, as Jesus called us to be, fishers of men, then you need to be serious about where the fish are at. And we all know that fish travel in… schools.”

Wow. You just cherry-pick a shiny thing in your book of fairy tales, and you think it means to teach children how to be little Christians. You’re not cute, and you’re not amusing. You’re a pest, and so are all the rest of you Christians to think it’s OK to infringe upon the rights of a child with a conscience. Because they have them. You may be the majority faith, but you are not the only one and it’s very uncool to assume that everyone is.

Video of the prayer is at the link, as is a takedown of Bristol Palin.



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