Which Comes First: Mental Illness Or Religion?

One may or may not cause the other, but both of them together often produces a tragedy:

A Muslim nanny, accused of decapitating a baby girl in her care and brandishing her severed head outside a metro station in Russia, smiled at the cameras after confessing that Allah ordered her to carry out the heinous act.

 In pictures that shocked the world, the hijab-wearing woman was seen strutting the streets of Moscow with the severed head of Nastya Meshcheryakova in her hands for as long as an hour until the police finally arrived at the scene and detained her.

According to witnesses, Bobokulova shouted in the street, “I hate democracy. I am a terrorist. I want you dead. You have become so hardened, you have eliminated so many of us. Look, I am a suicide bomber. I will die. Doomsday will come in a second,” before pulling out the baby’s severed head from a red bag and swaying it in front of the entrance to the metro station.

Bobokulova’s appearance in court came a day after police officials revealed that the nanny kept her schizophrenia a secret after a bitter divorce led to her being homeless.

I don’t want to give the impression that her faith did that. No faith tells you to kill children (the Bible does come close, though-you won’t find it in the Koran). What I find more interesting is how the mentally ill use religion to justify what they do when they lose their fucking minds like this disgusting bitch did. In this sense, they are intertwined. Is it guilt by association? You be the judge.



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  1. It’s definitely hand in hand. In my awakening from decades of religion I’ve realized just how crazy I actually was. It’s sometimes staggering to think about, and utterly shameful. You get indoctrinated with things that twist your mind so far around that you aren’t even thinking normal anymore.

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