Conservative Humor, Part 3

Hey! Guess what? It’s 2019, and conservatives are still not funny.

They’re fucking terrible at it.

Who do they have?

Milo? Greg Gutfield? Mike Huckabee?

Nick DiPaolo? OK, you got me there. I’m sad we lost that one. He’s actually funny.

What are they all missing? And why do so many liberals dominate the arts anyway?

Part of what appeals to the conservative mindset when it comes to humor is that they are being transgressive in some shape or form. It’s a form of arrested development, this needing to be popular by saying or doing something unpopular that forms the basis of their “joking”.

Nevertheless, the right is not going to get its Lenny Bruce anytime soon. That ship has sailed-what was once groundbreaking and relentlessly sincere in a comedian’s act doesn’t have much of a place in 2019 comedy, unless you belong to the strata you are lampooning. Personally, I would aver that comedy, and to some degree, art in general is a space that people ought to give a wide berth to offensive jokes, because there won’t be a whole lot of comedy if we couldn’t hear someone say what they are all thinking.

It takes the conservative movement decades to co-opt or use a concept. That’s why they are conservatives-change confuses and bewilders them.



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