Sedition By Any Other Name

It’s very easy to dismiss Marjorie Taylor Greene as a stupid kook that no one should listen to and will disappear soon enough. But her ideas have traction with a not insignificant part of the American right.

I was today years old when I first saw the phrase “National Divorce”:

Originally tweeted by (@MeidasTouch) on December 29, 2021.

Well, National Divorce certainly sounded to me like a call for a conflict that would make the last Civil War look like child’s play.

UPDATE 3/30/23: Trump indicted on the day after he declares his candidacy and gets his comeuppance for trying to get a million dollar blowjob on the DL and on the cheap. This insane Christian seditious bitch will absolutely lose her seat. Mark my fucking words…even Musk is keeping his distance.

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