The Newt Of All Evil

Remember when Newt got himself in hot water with the “base” by suggesting that right wing social engineering is just as bad as left wing?

Newt learned something from that: In this election campaign, the more fucking insane you sound, the more the right wing LOVES you. Now there is a down side to this: you have to be accountable for your batshitness in places like interviews and debates, but Newt is always prepared to support it. It’s Newt’s turn in the batter’s box and he knows it; he’s deep and the rest of them were pretenders.

Well, today Newt came out in support of changing child labor laws. He suggested that all union janitors be fired and have kids put in their place under one master janitor.

(This fragment is from seven years ago; it’s especially prescient now that fourteen year olds can work-and I’m not talking about homework- in Arkansas thanks to Mike Huckabee’s disgusting daughter.)

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