The Gatekeepers

Is there anyone out there who still questions that the Trump administration needs serious investigation?

Half of you who voted do.

I know why that is; it’s part of your conditioning.

So you don’t have to believe me or anything I show you. History tells me it does not matter how much howling concerned citizens do, because for every person who is awake and paying attention, there is someone who is shutting themselves off from the truth. And that’s enough to keep conservatives in control, with the help of some treachery.

When Trumpward Babyhands was inaugurated, almost 3 million people around the globe took to the streets to inform him that people were determined to resist his presidency.

Now what does that mean, “resist”? After all, his presidency cannot be denied. But we on the left marched to let him and other watchers know we are against his policies. And we sent $24 million to an agency who pledged to sue if he breaks the rules of good governance.


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