Graham Cracker

Now and then a blind pig finds a truffle. That’s about the nicest thing I can say about Senator Lindsey Graham. Like all conservatives, he is wrong on just about every issue-fractal fucking wrongness. Here’s a good compilation of his saner moments from 2010. He is a RINO to his detractors, and the ideological purity wing of the conservative movement eschews him. In other words, my kind of Republican. Still an asshole, but occasionally reasonable.

But you gotta be a nut to get traction with Republican primary voters when trying to win the presidential nomination. Lindsey is literally getting buried. He doesn’t even rate in polls. You know you have a problem when George Pataki is getting more percentage than you are. In an effort to be the gooney bird he has to be to resonate with a fickle electorate, he’s decided to bag on the nuclear agreement with Iran, but does so in that polite southern way, which says things like “i’m not a racist, but…(insert racist plaint here):

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday criticized President Barack Obama for signing off on the nuclear agreement with Iran, calling him the “Neville Chamberlain of our time.”

“I don’t think he’s a bad man, I think he misunderstands the world and the Mideast.”

The Chamberlain trope. Who falls for these lines? People who love to make Hitler comparisons, I suppose. Folks, there’s only one Hitler and that’s probably the way it will be for the duration of our tenuous domination of this blue ball. We have a world that is broken up in so many ways, that there’s really no chance for a Hitler type to emerge. We support that. Hell, we helped do it.

There’s a few things that need noting. The ayatollahs may be religious kooks, but the fact is that Iran is never going to create a Hitler. Their society may be held sway to an oppressive Islamic theocracy. However, if one is honest, it must be said that Iran is not an expansionist country. It’s been on the defensive since 1953, and remains so today. Who is surprised by this? Furthermore, if we look back, we see that we are the ones that created Iran’s nuclear structure while we palled around with the shah. We decided we didn’t like it after the revolution, so we enlisted most of the western world to strangle Iran and villainize its leaders. It’s part of our war against socialism. True, Iran continued its nuclear program in secret, but Iran’s leaders thought that they had a right to nuclear power-notice I did not say “bombs”. They were right. They obeyed the NPT.

(Pretty good unfinished piece, and now that Biden is trying to revive the deal while Pence is out there blithering about what a real man…I mean a real leader would do to Iran. Since he’s a little swishy and a bootlicker, ignoring him is easy.)

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