No Good Way Out

I must be honest; our withdrawal from Afghanistan is pretty embarrassing.

I realize its origins reside in the Trump administration. You’re an idiot if you believe otherwise. But the black eye, whether deserved or not, is going to go to the Biden team. And today’s terror attack underscores that point.

I’m watching my best liberals flail for a way to put this withdrawal into context. I’m afraid we’re guilty of a bit of whataboutism while we do that. I don’t worry too much about a Biden second term, it’s probably still in the bag. I worry we’ve lost the House, though.

(I’m keeping my third eye open. Not bad for mid-2021. A blue wave showed up, but not big enough in critical states. I think I will be vindicated on my Biden prediction, and I don’t think he had any graceful exit from the place where empires go to die.)

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