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Fried Weiner

That’s how you make an Italian hot dog; you fry them instead of boiling, and add seasoned peppers and onions.

That is delicious. What Anthony Weiner has done is tasty, but also disgusting, probably like that KFC sandwich that substitutes chicken patties for bread. I want to excuse both KFC and Anthony for what they peddle, but I can’t.

Weiner had the kind of voice we needed to hear. He had a great sense of humor and tended to be pugnacious and railed against the right often. His was the peoples’ voice. He was close to my age.

I’m going to miss him after this whingwang-on-the-web scandal forces him to resign. He says no, but everyone knows he needs to go after this. It was rockheaded enough that he was doing that stupid shit-now he wants to double down on that rockheadedness by sticking around so we can listen to this story and follow the ethics investigation that is sure to keep this story high profile.

I did not expect him to be this guy who doesn’t understand technology and how you can’t just behave like a clown on the internet in this manner and not expect to get snagged. I hope he got some great porn in return for the dick shots, because that’s the only reason you should do this. But I’m afraid that there isn’t any porn good enough that justifies acting like you are in college with a buzz on, showing the schlong.

He does have a big schlong, though. When your last name is “Weiner”, maybe you still need to prove your manhood. However, I thought he was a great guy until this. But you never know what is going to happen when you try to understand a pol.

How Do You Get a Job These Days?

It almost feels like you have to be a Member of The Party in order to do so. You have to lay out so many ‘facts’ about yourself that you cannot remember anymore.v And then there’s the questions-the crazy questions-that filter you through their screening instead of a live human being assessing you by your presence.

That’s how it used to be done. Now we get this:

Choose the thing that best describes how you feel:

A)I like to meet other people.

B)I like to meet people, but I like to keep to myself.

What is the correct answer here? My application is on the line and I get 60 questions that are all moral quandaries and each answer is correct to a certain degree. I can’t answer this question correctly; I have no information helping me. Are we talking about meeting customers? Yes. I like that. Do I like to often be in control of my own thoughts and not The Company’s? Yes I would like some of that during the day. Some.

A)People say annoying things all the time.

B)You tend to ignore people’s shortcomings and remain friendly.

I’m asking for nine dollars an hour. I’m not asking for a citizenship to another country, I’m not looking to take over one, just need something to do. I need work. I do not need to be tested to “work”. You tell me what to do, I go do it. Why are companies wasting thousands of dollars on these pointless screenings? Ask something like “is your back good? Can you lift?” I can answer these questions. “Can you put a product in someone’s hand?” Yes I can. “Can you be trusted to not be on too many drugs while you work?” Yes I can.

Please, employers. You are wasting far more money buying “solutions” than you are hiring people who you think might steal from you or whatever it is that corporate is afeared of that week. After all, I can’t buy your shit if you don’t pay me.

Learning To Live With Other Things Besides Yourself

There is a lawn to mow.

There are pets wanting to feed, and pets wanting to screw up your house or leave it.

There is a love interest at work or napping.

Your kids will be home soon to lay waste to whatever housework you accomplished yesterday. Oh, they’re hungry too.

We have a new war on our hands. We have old ones still on our hands.

Then we have this fuck called “ourselves” that gets up every morning to take note of these things. What does this mean, in real terms? It would seem to me we hate life. Not our bodies, it can’t be that. Life is getting shittier and we all know it. I have to wonder if this is the curse of my, um, generation of chilluns, that a BIG party got thrown called the 60s and now we in the 10s have got to figure out why back then they partied so hard and left us with so little. And now those same folks, who want to live forever(which is fine), do not want or cannot give us anything to sustain us properly like some fucking guidance and a little bit of mercy when it comes to our respective financial disasters we call “bank accounts”.

They tell us tough shit; that’s the breaks very often. But they don’t understand what they are doing now. They aren’t saying the cookie crumbled; they are saying outright “we ate the cookies”.

Sooner or later, my family is going to be eating Ramen for dinner because of the aftershocks of bad financial policy by my elders. That’s a fact, because they’ve also mortgaged themselves to the hilt. Why? They needed some stuff. That isn’t so bad, to need a few things but it is wrong to need them all.

There’s love in everyone’s house. Would it be OK to share that love with the people that are outside it? Is that asking too much these days, to love thy neighbor as you love yourself? Or at least love thy family like you love yourself? They screwed up, but shall we forgive or say nay, family, you don’t get off so easily? The propensity towards generational rifts is shocking. Even in my own family I watch generations fight with each other…over belongings, possessions, filthy lucre everywhere filling the gaps where love should be. Fuckin’ shame, all of it.

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