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Lazy Day

It’s Sunday. I’m kind of tired. Go read Why Evolution Is True instead of here. He addresses the creationist “you weren’t there so how can you say it happened” claptrap regarding the distant past. I took a stab at it, but WEIT found the words I was lacking. A small sample:

None of us were there during the American Revolution either, or when Julius Caesar was assassinated. Reader George probably never met his great-grandparents. How can he prove they existed? The same way we find evidence of any past event! If science relied only on things we could see happen in our lifetimes, we would be immensely less knowledgeable.

Science 1, God 0.

Alternately, you can check out what’s on my mental jukebox.

Net Loss

The bogey man of regulations sends Republicans into a tizzy. They like to repeat it as a mantra to their constituents, and the poor suckers buy it every time. As PJ O’ Rourke (who is not funny anymore) once astutely observed, Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it. Oh, they also like to go on about free markets and competition, even where there isn’t much to show for it except monopoly. Teddy Roosevelt would be as mad as a bull moose.

It’s time to implement net neutrality, which, as you probably already know, will stop the broadband pirates from charging you more for equal access to the Internet. Having failed at coercing the FCC to abandon neutrality, Republicans are now turning to the courts for relief. A bill blunting the FCC’s ability to regulate the net until the courts rule on the matter is making its way through the House. God forbid anyone should benefit from the taxes that they pay. Bastards, the whole lot of them.

I’ve always thought that universal broadband is where we should head next. Everyone should be able to use it, great and small. Even Democrats probably see it as a bridge too far. But they do like the idea of subsidies. I’m good with that.

The future is now. We should act accordingly.

Zoo Don’t Have The Right

I am not a zoo lover. I think most of the animals there are depressed and inert. But I have children, and part of my job as a parent is to take a kid to a goddamn zoo. Well, that’s what my wife tells me anyway. Bottom line is, going to the zoo is a family event.

Some don’t see it that way. One huckleberry in Missouri thinks it’s a place to brandish a weapon. Unsurprisingly, the zoo has a policy in place that prohibits him from doing that. But our hero thinks that because the zoo is publicly funded, it gives him the right to carry per Missouri law. He wants chapter and verse that states that he is not allowed to have a weapon in a public space:

“That signage, unless it’s backed up by case law or statutory law, is nothing more than the zoo’s attempt to reinforce their biases and to deceive people into not exercising their rights,” Smith argued.

I can’t believe we are going to politicize something centered around admission to a zoo. But there it is. It’s because of “bias” that the policy exists. “Deception”. Wow, whatever. I could have sworn it’s because a nice day at a park shouldn’t involve children and parents being frightened by an armed man.

Well, the Missouri courts granted a temporary restraining order on the ammosexual and his retarded brethren. A development which, he says, is some sort of triumph.

Smith says that the restraining order is a victory for him, because it forces the zoo to explain their policy on guns. He tells the Post-Dispatch, “I consider this a win. It’s a win in that they have finally shown their hand.”

And what about your hand, buddy? You’re the one playing with a busted straight and going all in. At every single juncture, you have been told you are wrong-how is this “victory”?

When you get right down to it, this guy is a fucking pussy. Choosing a zoo to make a stand on this is pathetic. If you really believe you have the right to carry on public land, why not go to the Missouri Supreme Court and try to watch a hearing while strapped? Why not walk around the halls of the legislature? Take a tour of the governor’s mansion? Ah, you won’t, because intrinsically you have no balls.

It’s like smoking, for example. It’s simply not a considerate thing to do in close quarters. It’s legal, but places everywhere you go say no lighting up. I bet those hallowed halls of government have a no-smoking policy in addition to a gun ban. Go ask smokers what they think of your “rights”. They will tell you to just get used to it, because your activities are not welcome. They probably never will be. It isn’t bias, dummy. it’s protecting the public health.

Yes. From you. You’re an irritant to polite society. Obey the rules or go fuck yourself.

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