I Don’t Like Doing This

I have no love for the Bundy family. They’re cheats who invoke what we call “sovereign citizenry”. That happens when you believe the laws of your locale or country are null and void.

This tends to not go well for the claimants. The feds usually get their man. So it went with Cliven Bundy, who decided the government did not have a title to federal land. He grazed however he wanted to, and was fined a cool million for doing it.

Cliven Bundy is now in lockup. Good. But

Bundy’s lawyer will officially file the lawsuit on Tuesday in a court in Nevada, alleging that the president and other state officials violated the rancher’s constitution rights. The legal team will push for Bundy to be released from his current state of solitary confinement and ask for his indictment to be dismissed. Bundy’s lawyer will address the media following a hearing in Law Vegas on Tuesday.

I don’t like it. I don’t think anyone should go to solitary confinement, I don’t care what you’ve done-and especially not in this case where some cattle that belonged to you ate some grass that it wasn’t allowed to.

I hope Bundy’s suit to be released from solitary is granted. Lord knows I can’t stand right-wing, liberty-sucking assholes like him, but I am totally against a cell 23 hours a day for his crimes.

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