Stupid Old Men Versus Technology. Winner: Technology

I have been completely rapt this week watching a whole lot of chickens returning to their roosts belonging to Donald J. Trump, haven’t you?

It marked beginning of the end of the misadministration of this insane miscreant tyrant. The frog is dimly aware that something is wrong; but remains unconvinced that he’s going to be dinner.

We’ve been waiting for the speculation to end for so long, we good citizens. The puzzle is taking shape-Robert Mueller, the FBI, and the court system have limned out some of his most glaring crimes. Yet there is still much to be done; because the hardest part will be making the charges stick and making Trump accountable. His enablers in Congress had better be careful; Trump is radioactive and some speak of a criminal conspiracy that could snare top Republicans. Others think the entire right wing movement is in danger for making bedroom eyes at Russia.

Lost in all the drama was a hilarious congressional hearing on the nature of a Google search. Republicans and conservatives charge that the world’s most used search engine skews liberal. The accusers have something else in common beside their political bent. They’re all stupid old men who can’t get a grasp on technology.


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