Whole Lotta Shaking My Head

Lately I’ve just been letting the political waves and their compatriot, the undertow roll over me and drag me under. Shit is flying everywhere and I don’t envy anyone in the journo profession who is doing their best to get the signal out from the noise, because I can’t keep up. That is by design, of course.

To use a Trumpism: There’s a lot of shit, believe me.

I guess the first thing on my mind is why we seem to be letting Trump skate. No, I’m not trying to say Democrats are slow-walking this inquiry, although having an impeachment inquiry that lasts until November would indeed be a boon to them. But so far we haven’t put enough teeth on the Trumpists, who largely think they are shielded from accountability thanks to the Justice Department running interference for them.

I can wait because I have the luxury to do so, but many people are suffering everywhere thanks to Twitler.

Here’s the thing, perhaps: American heroes are billionaires. In a dog-eat-dog system that equates worth with how much money you have, it would seem that no crime committed in wealth’s name is that much of a big fucking deal.

What’s different about Trump, and what bugs some of the conservatives, institutionalists, and masters of the universe is not that he commits crimes, it’s that he’s so goddamned vulgar about it.

By the same token, they may have resented a straight shooter like Barack Obama for his stark refusal to cheat and grift. He made them look like the slimy vipers they are.

I think that the white collar system, where Trump wets his beak, is saying: dude, do your dirt, but don’t flaunt it. As wealth worshippers, to do otherwise is the ultimate sin.

We all know the political system we have right now is an oligarchy. And Trump’s rise has brought forth all manner of kooks, cronies, sycophants, relatives and propagandists to clear the way for his measure of cream. There is no administration in modern history that can hold a candle to this one in terms of naked perfidy, self-dealing, and all around dismantling of anything public that gets in the way of profit. And no administration has done it so openly– so in order to perpetuate the illusion that we have a functioning democracy, I figure eventually the other leeches and crooks in Congress are going to have to say enough, stop pissing on our shoes or you’re out of the club. And that’s where we are with Trump. He’s not really in trouble for what he does so much as how he’s done it.

Nevertheless, there will be yokels who are telling their kids that they can be the next Donald Trump if you just work hard enough. And not once will it occur to them that Trump and most Richie Riches were born on third base with a silver spoon hanging from their mouths.”Work” is for little people. There is no relation to the average conservative who believes personal responsibility will bring you wealth and the circus of thieves and masters of the universe who have been fucking over the people with the same old tools they always have-bribery, embezzlement, collusion, cronyism, and the hoarding of capital and the subsequent squeeze on the serfs.

To conclude, nothing is more American that enriching yourself at any cost. But the first rule of white club is not to talk about white club, and Trump won’t shut the fuck up for even a few minutes about what they used to do in the shadows.

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