This Country Is So Goldurn Screwed Up

Anyone who’s awake knows that Fox News is straight up media poison to the soul. They whip their viewers up into angry frenzies, playing on people’s fears and differences. Yet look at this shit:

Fox News once again heavily dominated in the cable news ratings in the third quarter of 2021.

In the past three months, Fox News — which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next month — averaged 1.4 million viewers in total day, and 227,000 in the key 25-54 viewer demographic. MSNBC took second overall with 747,000 total viewers and 95,000 in the demo. CNN came in third overall with 604,000 total viewers, but beat MSNBC in the demo with 131,000 viewers.

People en masse are happily eating up pure trash. It’s no wonder we can’t have a mature national conversation about today’s issues, because people think “The Ingraham Angle” tells people the truth. All they sell is outrage; and you don’t have to look past the Capitol riot to see what the end result is. What’s even crazier is that some people cannot even “trust” Fox. They get their daily dose of rage from OAN or worse.

We are in a precarious position. Truth is scorned and replaced with opinion based on one’s “research”. I’m looking ahead and I see nothing good coming. The Biden presidency has been stalled by a few dogmatic Democrats and the prospects for a second term look grim. And thanks to programs like the ones Fox airs, there’s always that pervasive and increasing chance that we may see a Trump redux in ’24. Way better bloggers than me have already sounded the call that this is an inevitability if we keep in the direction we are going.

The competition isn’t even close. Sanity is losing the war. And it is a war out there. You can pretend all you like that all is well but there’s something happening here and this time it’s perfectly clear.


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