A New Contract “On” America

Rick Scott made a power move a few days ago, releasing, apparently without consulting Mitch McConnell or any Senate leadership, a 60 page PDF titled An 11 Point Plan To Rescue America”. It’s wildly radical, and if even twenty percent of it is enacted, democracy and freedom are in grave danger.

Highlights include shuttering the Department of Education, forced patriotism at school, elimination of anything resembling affirmative action, elimination of diversity training, backing the blue to absurd extremes, naming any completed border wall after Donald Trump, elimination of government assistance across the board, a line item veto for the president, placing a 5 year lifespan on any federal legislation, discounting any ballot that arrives after election day, removal of ballot drop boxes, taxing the poor, funding low-income women to take their unwanted children to term and placing them in the adoption system, torquing up a ban on “obscenity”, refusal to recognize non-binary people, suing social media for banning TOS violators, a policy of isolationism except when defending national interests, and withdrawal from the UN if it runs counter to our interests.


That’s just a taste of what’s in there. I think you should go see the rest, it’s some scary shit, friends. So what’s Rick Scott’s deal here? It’s an interesting jump of chain of command. I’m gonna assume he’s not just trying to be helpful. As we all know, Rick is a rich, ambitious motherfucker, catapulting from venture capitalist to Florida governor to Florida senator. So to me, two guesses emerge-he wants to replace McConnell, or he wants a serious shot at president in 2024 and is laying the groundwork for that campaign. Trump, who hates McConnell, would like Scott to take a serious stab at leadership, minority or majority.

Again, if any of Scott’s ideas make it to a Republican president’s desk, this country will become much darker than Rick Scott thinks it is now. So we see the danger ahead-make no mistake, if Republicans manage to flip Congress and steal the presidency, they will scrap the filibuster with a sliver of a majority and we will only be able to helplessly sit by as they bring white Christian supremacist-style fascism to the nation by passing bill after bill after bill towards that goal.

You people need to vote, and vote right. The right wing is not fucking around, and I don’t care what your opinion is of the Democratic Party, they are the only buttress between what we have left and what we will truly lose, perhaps forever if we aren’t organized.

Now that I have brought all of you down, I offer a little chicken soup.


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