Outdone, And Happy About It

I’m so proud of Comedy Central!

They were so scared to lose their workhorse Trevor Noah, but they have blown me away with these temporary guests.

Sarah Silverman was uproarious on her day. But this guy here may get the job, with this mind-twisting takedown of Fox News and the voting machine scandal, and how everyone working for Fox to misinform the public with half a brain in their head were secretly texting about what they were fucking doing and whether it was really, really bad to keep pushing election lies:

Daily Show” guest host Hasan Minhaj delivered an absolutely searing indictment of Fox News host Tucker Carlson ― and he did it with a description that might be just about impossible to forget.

Minhaj went through the explosive court documents released in recent days that show Carlson and others at the right-wing network knew Donald Trump and his representatives were lying with their claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

But they went on the air with those claims anyway, according to the documents.

Minhaj said one behind-the-scenes message “truly freaked me out.”

It was a message from Carlson warning that viewers might leave for Newsmax if Fox News didn’t toe the Trump line and spread his conspiracy theories.

“He’s saying, ‘If I don’t say this bullshit, my viewers will leave me,’” Minhaj translated. “This whole time we thought Fox News was manipulating its viewers. But it turns out the viewers were manipulating Fox News.”

Then he offered up his explanation of Carlson’s behavior:

“Just think of it like this: Tucker Carlson is a moral vacuum. A hole, if you will, who glorifies election deniers. So, a glory hole. And his viewers expect him to please them with his mouth, and he’s constantly terrified that they’ll find a new, more satisfying glory hole. And that is why Tucker Carlson will never stop sucking.”

This morning, someone said it for me.

Tucker Carlson is an asshole. I’ve been waiting for this shit for years.


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