On Civility

Sometimes, it isn’t worth it to be civil.

During the presidential race, Hillary Clinton supporters had little to no patience for Bernie Sanders supporters who said they would rather stay home or vote third-party than vote for the Third Way candidate. They needed the whole enchilada, and Mrs. Clinton didn’t have enough of the tasty green populist sauce. Let Trump happen, they said. It would be the Democrats’ fault for fielding such a weak, compromised candidate.

That made a lot of Hillary supporters apoplectic with rage. After all, Hillary did best Sanders by several million votes. So they told Bernie supporters off a whole lot in myriad ways.

Their response was rather childish: talking to us like that only makes us do what you don’t want us to do even more. La-la-la-la, I can’t hear you, I’m 10 years old

It’s bullshit. N0 amount of civil discussion would have moved these conspiracy loons. They had their laundry list of grievances about Hillary Clinton (often helped into circulation by right wing operatives) and that was that.

Jill Stein and Gary Johnson voters may well have cost Democrats the election. By trying to fight the power, we ended up with…the power. Because pragmatic liberals couldn’t get to the thick skulls of the left’s purists, we told them to fuck off and then some. That hurt their fee-fees, so they held their breath.

Well, it’s all over now, baby blue. Your protest votes may well have ushered in a conservative apocalypse.

I hoped that I had heard enough of this foot stamping, eyes shut, hands folded across chest behavior. I certainly haven’t gone looking for it, because I enjoy the feeling of a stable blood pressure. I would be telling them to get fucked seven ways to Sunday for what they have wrought, if I were of a mind to do so. As I said, politeness and civility was virtually off the table when die-hard Sanders supporters refused to stop Donald Trump-and somehow, it was the pragmatist’s fault that we didn’t change their minds because we didn’t talk nice to them.

Boo-fucking-hoo. That was because you were too stupid to realize you were stupid.

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