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Is it possible that Louie Gohmert is driving policy towards Israel?

I’m just fucking with you. Louie Gohmert shouldn’t even be in control of his shoelaces. He is truly “America’s Dumbest Congressman”. Surely you have heard him sound off on Jade Helm. You could spend hours looking at his absurd rants. Left-wing sites like mine live for the days that he blithers, often to an empty congressional chamber. Here’s Louie incoherently rambling that Obama is an accomplice to terrorism because he has a frosty relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu:

“When people make clear that they are going to commit murder or genocide, how long do you have to wait before it is okay to stop them?” Gohmert said. “Well, the President has made clear it may be time to move out of the way so that these Palestinians that want to obliterate Israel can have their will.”

“Back in my days as a felony judge, when you have somebody who is driving a car and people say, ‘Hey, we just need a ride to this location. Once we get there, we are going to murder some people, but we don’t need anything from you. We just need a ride,’” Gohmert said. “The person that drove that car, knowing that those people made those comments about wanting to kill people when they get to that location, they are also guilty of murder.”

“I am not accusing anybody, I am raising questions,” Gohmert said. “If the United States says, ‘Here, Palestinian terrorist groups, we want to provide you the vehicle to have a powerful place right in the middle, a huge section of Israel. We want to give you that place, and you have made clear, we know you have made clear, once you are there, you are going to wipe out Israel,’ does that make the United States’ leaders that facilitate that, does that make them accessories? I am just asking.”

“Netanyahu has made very clear they want peace, but how can they sit down with people who will not even acknowledge they have a right to exist?” Gohmert said. “That is not a precondition — that is a condition for wiping them off the map as a threat to mankind if they are not willing to recognize that genocide is inappropriate.”

I miss this guy. But you can hear echoes of him today as right wing punditry is always sealioning and “just asking questions”.

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