My Guy

Despite his shortcomings, I still think Barack Obama has done more good than bad. And there is plenty of room to disagree with me on that.

Dissident writing has helped me to understand that we’re always up to something. America’s strategic, and to a larger extent, economic interests always shape how we are going to behave. What then to make of the thaw in relations with Iran?

There’s two possibilities I can entertain. One is that we are giving Iran just enough rope to hang themselves with. We can double-cross them and subjugate them to our purposes if they fuck up. We invaded Iraq because of suspected nuclear activity, and didn’t wait for any evidence that there was none. I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t pull the same shit again. We can complete our atomization of the Middle East by removing its last power player in the region.

(Whoa. What kind of a juju spell was under when I wrote this 2015 crap? Looks like as long as Democrats were doing it, I didn’t give a damn about our destructive hegemony that casts a shadow over the globe. This will serve as fair warning to myself when sizing up President Biden. Terrible entry.)

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