And I Like Politics

I am a socialist. I don’t carry the card; I can belong to the Democratic Party and be a socialist at the same time. I am utterly disgusted with the way humans treat each other and chances are you are part of the problem. I am unemployed, and an Iraq veteran. I was kicked out of the Army for giving a shit. I’m as angry as a person can get without hurting someone. So: you better have your fucking wits about you if you are going to tangle with me about politics.

However, in the unlikely event that I am wrong, I will happily own up. But so far, I haven’t found anyone that knows more than I do about it. I consume the shit like that goddamn bacteria in Mono Lake eats arsenic. Unless you are a subject matter expert, or a better blogger than I am, you are a goner here.

Fucking try me; I dare you. You are all a bunch of bitches if you think you can hang.

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