There Is No Comment Policy

I don’t give a good god-damn what you write- I will link anything that I think is cool or people I think make the world easy to bear, so send me links and we can do this electronic French kiss they call linking. Everyone needs a hand these days, and if you love to write like I do, this is where we can help each other.

Strap yourself in, because I am going to say some things you don’t want to hear. If you hear one of these things, pick a fight. I am a gentle person with a highly developed sense of hatred and I will probably wipe the floor with you if you screw with me. Otherwise, I will tell funny stories, make sure you have good taste in music, and whatever else develops.

Remember this: be careful at throwing stones. Because I’ll be behind you, throwing them at your head instead. I’m bipolar, and if you know anyone in your life that is bipolar, you already have a keen inkling that they are omniscient.

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